Boomershoot 2012 has openings

Boomershoot 2012 still has openings available. The following positions are available:

  • Position 5 in the .50 Caliber Ghetto
  • Positions 8 and 13 in the Lowlands
  • Position 38 in Main (a shooting bench is strongly recommended)
  • Positions 48, 49, 51, 55, 57, and 58 in Berm (shooting benches discouraged)

Author Paul Barrett will be our dinner speaker on Saturday night plus there will be a dozen gun bloggers attending:

There will be over 1000 exploding targets available. Each detonation will pack enough of a “punch” for you to feel it hundreds of yards away.

Have a blast by getting your share of those targets and make anti-gun people cry by signing up here and attending Boomershoot 2012.

2 thoughts on “Boomershoot 2012 has openings

  1. Damn, that’s a super line-up, and once again I’m stuck in La-La Land.

  2. We also still have a couple openings for coaching on Friday and Saturday during the Precision Rifle Clinic.

    Of course, there are still plenty of Field Fire openings as well.

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