1 thought on “Quote of the day—Irene Peter

  1. Anyone who reads my blog or Twitter feed will realize that I care galtrey about privacy issues with Facebook Yes but I still can’t figure out why. It’s such a small issue to be almost nonexistent in today’s Orwellian society.What exactly are people, with their HUNDREDS of friends putting on there that is so devasting? Nothing! but this makes them feel important. It’s something to get excited about it like effects them but it doesn’t. No one is interested in your cruise ship vacation photos. The free email address you used to sign up with??? It’s like people who vote for a party and when they win an election, imagine that they’re somehow sharing in the power. It’s a gross fallacy born out of ego. and I spend a great deal of time understanding the controls available to Facebook users You do but that isn’t the full story for users. It’s the backend and agreements with third parties we aren’t privy to where the real violations occur.Facebook will do what they want. They pay lipservice to any outrage’ with some beautiful PR on their blog then go ahead with exactly what they planned to. Nothing new there, it’s how corporations behave. Don’t like it, don’t use it. The site is a huge timesink anyways.

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