Campus carry ban struck down in Colorado

It’s not a good day for the remaining anti-gun people (all 10 of them). From Denver:

The Colorado Supreme Court has struck down a gun ban by the University of Colorado Board of Regents that had prevented students from carrying concealed handguns on campus.

6 thoughts on “Campus carry ban struck down in Colorado

  1. What; more respect for human rights? What’s going on here? What ever it is, good for the University of Colorado Board of Regents. May the blessings of liberty continue to smile upon us! We’ll need it in the days to come.

  2. I’m assuming that the only reason I didn’t hear the sound of thousands of heads exploding is that I had headphones on a good part of the day, and I work in a noisy shop.

    Note that, in part, this wasn’t about guns, as much as control. From the Daily Camera:

    In reaction to today’s ruling, Board of Regents chairman Kyle Hybl, R-Colorado Springs, said the heart of the case was about the board’s authority to govern CU.

    “The university is disappointed its constitutional and statutory autonomy was not upheld in this instance,” Hybl said.

    And he wasn’t the only pol to raise the control issue.

    I suppose I could note the interesting ad in the sidebar. “Mutually Beneficial Arrangements”, featuring a naked brunette in front of an Austin Healey. I wish she’d move; I can’t see the car well enough (and there’s not enough of her showing to be interesting either). In fact, I’m not sure it’s an Austin — has bug eyes, but other than that, the more I look, can’t be. Hell if I know! 🙂

  3. My best guess at the aforementioned car in the side bar ad is that it is a replica or kit cobra roadster.

  4. The CSU Student Government and much of the student body were quite unhappy when the Board of Regents acted on a faculty group’s request for the ban back in 2009. Seems the youngsters used reason, logic and facts while their elders worried about drunken teens rampaging around college shooting at things – which of course had never happened while guns were allowed on campus. Go Rams!

  5. Well, Joe, neither am I … neither am I. I suppose I can think that some day, I might own an AC Cobra (yes Dave, you got it — I had looked at those on Wikipedia, but I must’ve scrolled down to the newer models too quickly), but at the present, that seems unlikely. The girl is too young.

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