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The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) was formed to ensure America’s freedom to travel. Instead, they have made air travel the most difficult means of mass transit in the United States, at the same time failing to make air travel any more secure.

TSA is finally feeling what it’s like to be screened. It has walked through the detector of bureaucratic failure and the red light has gone off. It’s time that we ask congress to have TSA “step over to this area” for a more thorough search. For once, “TSA screening” will be productive. I predict that dangerous amounts of inefficiency, derivative thinking, and reactive policy will be located, if not in their shoes, in their DNA.

Steve Moore
January 24, 2012
TSA: Fail
[I could probably pull a half dozen QOTDs from this post. It’s really good.

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5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Steve Moore

  1. What’s really disturbing is that TSA has over 65,000 Employees. Combine that with the fact, that unless an TSA worker transferred into from another Agency, was a Civilian Cop, or a Former MP, they have had NO Police Training, and they have never been to even the shortest LEO course offered at FLETC.

    There’s an earlier Post on Unc’s Site about how Congresswoman Blackburn of Tennessee has introduced a Bill into the U.S. House called the STRIP Act to try and curb some of the Abuses of the TSA. Check it out for details.

    But with 65,000 employees who are NOT Cops, one wonders why the Federales have so many People who have less LEO Quals than an Armed Security Guard at the Mall! Sounds like another Federal Welfare Program to me.

  2. Hope the TSA gets doused in Lysol. Great post over there, enjoted a bunch of the other stuff he wrote up too.

  3. “The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) was formed to ensure America’s freedom to travel.”
    A gratuitous assertion, which can be equally as gratuitously denied. If you want to ensure America’s freedom to travel, then get the hell out of the way (and go kill some jihadists until there aren’t any more to kill).

  4. Go, TSA!

    No, really, get out of here! You never protected our freedoms. The best that can be said is that you’ve been softening us up for the complete removal of our freedoms.

    As much as I’d like to see the TSA squirm, and writhe in agony, in a prolonged process of bureaucratic death for the freedoms it has attacked, we’d all be better off if the TSA just died a quick, clean death, and disappeared altogether.

    In the meantime, may it serve as a reminder that our Government isn’t out to protect our freedoms, but to take them, in the guise of protecting our lives and our freedoms (while literally doing nothing to protect either). May it serve as the poster child of agencies that destroy both security and liberty, when offering to trade liberty for security.

    And may we remember that, except for being more public, the TSA is really no different from the EPA, OSHA, FDA, BATFE, and other agencies that claim to offer security in place of liberty!

  5. 2:02 LOL of course the spaz runs out of ammo qlukciy if you shoot like THAT! I hope you were just showing wat its like and thats not how you’d usually shoot

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