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Most of the the time when you see or hear the phrase, “If you don’t play the game, you don’t get to make the rules” it is referring to the Pope making (Catholic) law in regards to sex.

It occurs to me that phrase would be equally applicable to anti-gun people demanding “safe storage”, gun and/or gun-owner registration, and magazine capacity restrictions.

2 thoughts on “Random thought of the day

  1. I believe this was the actual quote from the immortal Mr. Butz (in cheesy,fake Italian accent): “He no play-ah da game, he no make-ah da rules.”

  2. The gigantic, glaring difference of course is that if you don’t like Catholic “law”, you aren’t forced to belong to their club. Freedom of religion. You’re free to belong to, or not belong to, the church. Even if you do belong they won’t arrest you for failure to obey their “laws”. No one will attempt to put you in jail or otherwise destroy you because of your decisions one way or the other (unless you’re a Republican candidate for president).

    Gun restrictions are not waived because you decided not to join the Brady Campaign.

    The Pope won’t send a goon squad out to round you up, whereas the BATFE or the local cops just might.

    So we have a relatively functional first amendment protection, even now as it is under vicious attack, whereas the second amendment is still a red-headed step child getting beat up and abused regularly.

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