Someone else has just one question

John Harrigan at has his own version of Just One Question:

Whenever anyone tries to draw me into the gun-control controversy, I ask this: Given the nation’s estimated 200 million guns, how are we going to keep them out of the hands of scofflaw criminals who could then prey on a law-abiding, disarmed citizenry? This is only one question in a complex matter, but until someone with a grip on reality provides an answer, that’s it for me.

I find it interesting he has a similar rational to mine for creating and using the question.

4 thoughts on “Someone else has just one question

  1. Its a rational human mindset. Everybody agrees on a problem. (In this case people doing bad things with guns)

    Solution is proposed.

    Rational person: “So does it work?”

    Antis fielding said question will delete it from moderation. Is there any question to why?

  2. That quote is much better when taken in the full context of the article. Because Joan Peterson’s answer to that question would be a very sincere, “Well we will just have to get rid of them all!” and pat herself on the back thinking how common sense and practical a solution it would be.

  3. Well, I have an answer to his Question: it DOESN’T work. If someone wants to use a Gun to Break the Law, they will find a way to do so. Let’s look at the Real World. Since the Chardon, Ohio School shooting took place about 20 miles from my home, we’ll use that as an example. All Gun Laws were in Force, i.e., ALL Public Schools in Ohio are “Gun Free Zones.” Any School Staffer who has their CHP can’t even leave their Pistol in their Car, because the Parking Lot is School Property. The Shooter can’t legally buy a Pistol, because he is under 21. Therefore, someone gave him one, or he stole it, or he bought it Illegally. But that didn’t stop him.

    “But if there were only Programs where the poor Child could get help!” Actually, the Shooter was ALREADY defined as “At Risk” and was supposed to get on the Bus to attend the Lake Academy, a “Special School” set up with “Diversionary Programs” to help “Troubled Youths”, where was enrolled. But that didn’t stop him.

    “But even with all that, it’s the Police’s Job to Stop the Shooting!” Leaving out the Supreme Court Rulings that say Police are only supposed to enforce the Law, not Provide Protection, a simple Google Map search shows that the Chardon Police Dept is about 1 mile from the School, the Ohio Highway Patrol is about 2 miles from the School, and the Geauga County Sheriff is about 5 miles away. It’s looking like it took at LEAST 5 minutes from the time 911 was called before the Cops stared to arrive. The Lake County SWAT Team took a half hour, and the Cleveland FBI SWAT team took about an hour. But that didn’t stop him.

    The only thing that stopped him was that he ran out of Ammo, then he ran away when a Staffer chased him out of the Cafeteria.

    But that didn’t stop 5 kids being Shot, with now 3 dead and 2 wounded still in the Hospital.

    And not one Anti-Gun Law stopped him.

  4. Yep, all the anti-gun laws in America work about as well as the old joke, “Stop, or I shall shout ‘Stop’ again!”

    I just watched a 7 minute Youtube video over on shootingwithhobie about making a 5 foot longbow out of PVC pipe, a bow string and a fiberglass rod from a farm supply store, and my thought was “And they want to ban what?”

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