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I’m sorry but anyone who has to carry a gun in public has a small weiner. They just do. It’s not open for discussion.

March 4, 2010
Comment to Open Thread: Penis Substitutes At the Ready!
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday!

Apparently OC also isn’t a fan of the First Amendment, the scientific method, or spelling checkers.—Joe]

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  1. I dunno, I’m kind of partial to this exchange in the same comments:
    172. r€nato – March 4, 2010 | 12:49 pm ·

    “I also wish that if Americans wanted to assert their rights, they’d start with the 6th or 7th amendment instead of the 2nd.”

    I’d be happy to, if you could explain to me how the rights of the accused in a criminal trial could function as a penis extension.

  2. So all those women who OC are actually hermaphrodites. I MUST be right (by vigorous assertion) so no more discussion!!!

  3. All cops too, then, have diminutive penises, including female cops. It’s not open for discussion (mainly because it’s so blatantly stupid and I don’t want my blatant stupidity discussed openly).

    Anyway; these are the same people who will accuse you of being a homophobe, and then turn around and call you a “queer” if they don’t like you. For some reason there is a total obsession with sex among the left. I say they’re just blind, stinking jealous.

    Hmm; what about men who carry really small pocket guns? Are they compensating for overly large penises? I carried a pocket .32 for a while, until I tested it for penetration and found it lacking. So one could say that my 10mm is compensating for the small gun I used to carry. It does penetrate a lot deeper, and having a much larger magazine you could say it has a lot more “stamina” too, so…

    I suppose that if we’re going to discuss who is compensating for what; the argument could be made that those who want more government in their lives, those who feel the need for the forceful interventions by government, are compensating for a lack of confidence in their ability to interact productively with other people in a free society. They don’t see themselves as capable of prospering when the rules are level and people’s rights are equally protected, so they have to advocate a system that gives them some special advantage over their betters. They’re compensating for weakness, meekness, timidity, self loathing, lack of imagination and other inabilities, so they’re looking for outlets for their jealousy and the hatred that comes from it. Oh, and THIS IS open for discussion. Please join in.

  4. Color me SHOCKED! An Anti-Rights person making penis jokes AND saying discussions are closed?

    WOW! That’s a first! Normally they’re so nice, logical, and interested in debate!

  5. “That’s not open for discussion.”

    Actually, in principle it’s a very measurable hypothesis.

  6. Lyle,

    It penetrates deeper? What happens when you stroke it?
    Remember what the Beatles said? “Happiness is a warm gun….”

  7. That’s only depending on how intact it is. Some men’s guns have been so abused by the retailers just after purchase that they can’t even get them loaded without pain, let alone actually fire them, let alone actually receive any meaningful satisfaction from doing so. Remember, the great majority of men in this country have had their guns crippled at birth.

    And people like ubu have been benefiting from that their whole lives, because the majority of the gun cutting serves as a subsidy for her specifically female gun care costs. That’s worse than lampshades made of people’s holsters, really; it’s the wholesale nationwide industrialization of exclusively male-only gun mutilation primarily for the benefit of cheaper costs for female gun care.

    I think ubu owes me, and the rest of the male owners of mutilated guns in this country, more than she can, or ever will, be able to repay.

  8. The First Amendment is irrelevant to his deliberate ignorance.

    The First Amendment means the state cannot compel you to not speak on a topic.

    It doesn’t mean he has to be willing to discuss it.

    (There’s all kinds of things wrong with his pronouncement, but a Constitutional problem isn’t one of ’em.)

  9. @Sigivald, I knew that already and knew I was stretching the idea a bit. He didn’t explicately say it but frequently if anti-freedom people don’t want something they have zero problems with using the force of government to achieve their personal preferences. Hence if he says it isn’t open to discussion my expectation is that if he were able he would use the force of goverment to make sure there was no discussion.

    That is taking some unfair liberties but it makes for a slightly better “one-liner” if I do.

  10. Yes admittedly I may have a small wiener,but you have a small brain. Using higher thinking processes I will be able to woo a mate and procreate,you of limited intellect will not be desirable and your line will soon go extinct. However in the mean time I would,regardless of my little wiener be more than willing to plant my rather over large carbon footprint right up your ass.

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