Quote of the day—Bryan Miller

This is another win win for the NRA and it’s buddies in the gun lobby.

The Banksters buddies crush any opposition to them, so they can continue to fund the gun manufacturers, which in turn soaks our communities with guns, blood, and death.

Bryan Miller
Using the alias “BantheNRA“.
November 15, 2011
Comment to N.Y. judge rules against Occupy Wall Street protesters, upholds decision to dismantle Zuccotti Park encampment
[For many years Miller was the director of CeaseFire New Jersey until it went belly up.

His alias demonstrates his contempt for the First Amendment as well as the Second.

But most importantly the comment above demonstrates Miller apparently hasn’t been taking his anti-psychotic medications. He, and most anti-gun extremists, live in an alternate reality all their own.—Joe]

9 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Bryan Miller

  1. Joe, you are more of an extremist that Bryan could ever hope to be.

    I see you’re pimping your site to “Mutually Beneficial Arrangements.” That’s admirable.

  2. So following Miller’s reasoning, Mike Bloomberg must be in cahoots with the NRA as well, since he ordered the crackdown.

  3. Actually, BantheNRA on NJ.com isn’t really Bryan Miller, even though Miller’s picture appears in his avatar. BantheNRA is just a troll, posing as Miller, ever since Miller was kicked out of the Statehouse by Senate President Steve Sweeney. Miller’s writings are actually a little more coherent and he will engage us a little. BantheNRA posts once, and then vanishes like a fart in the wind.

  4. Wait.

    MikeB, you’re okay, morally, with an actual police agency recommending competent, autonomous, adult women -vomit- on themselves to prevent rape, rather than advocating for them to have the freedom to choose to defend themselves with effective weapons, but have a moral problem with the mere presence (not promotion, presence) of an advertisement for a service to allow those same competent, autonomous, adult women to choose to interact with non-rapist males on terms of voluntary mutual benefit?

    An ad which, even if explicitly using the word “prostitution”, would be perfectly legal in Italy, BTW.

    Not a very “enlightened” or “empowering” worldview you got there, woman-wise.

  5. @ Matthew C; Don’t bother trying to engage mikeb. His type of insult comes from a total misreading of his opponents. You may as well get into a feces throwing contest with a chimp.

    We uphold standards, and so when the left sees a freedom advocate like Joe advertizing for “Mutually Beneficial Arrangements” they think they have caught us being hypocrites (“SEE? SEE? SEE? What degenerate!”). When lefties do it it’s the “progressive” thing to do and they’ll defend it (“How dare you criticize someone over sex! Sex? Really? Don’t you have better things to worry about?!! What– you’re not getting laid?!”). It’s that mindset that’s always looking for weakness to exploit.

    The left doesn’t uphold standards of any kind. The leftist mind is actively opposed to standards, so they’re never hypocrites. That’s been in the common playbook since the dawn of time. It’s the same as when the leftist points his finger all over the place accusing people of being racists or homophobes, yet when they see someone they don’t like, they call us “fags” or “queers” as an insult. It’s the same thing with the dick jokes. They’re just plain dead clueless. In a way you have to feel sorry for them. It’s embarrassing.

  6. Anyway; BantheNRA’s comment is a pretty good indicator of at least two things. One is that we’re winning, and two is that many of our opponents are gibbering idiots, which is a lot better than having clever opponents. Then again it could be a pro freedom activist doing his best to make the anti rights movement look like gibbering idiots (as if they needed help). Either way works for me, but I much prefer the straight-up conversation. Say what you mean, mean what you say, stand behind it or admit you were wrong and change your position.

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