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  1. Is this being said in the positive or negative. The gunnie community is usually very warm and accepting. However it has been proven time and again if you claim to be a gunny and then proceed to act like a jerk, expect us to call you on it.

    We eat our own specifically because that one douche bag makes the rest of us look bad. Well I dont care if you as a person are a Dick, but you step in to public and claim to be a part of our culture you need to behave yourself. If you don’t, we’ve figured out you taste like chicken.

    *Unlike occupy and anti-rights folks we police our own.

  2. I’m all for the private route unless they force the public route. Then it’s go fast, go hard, and go for the throat. Especially when said person’s credentials for the team are suspect to begin with.

  3. Let’s just say there’s a new troll on the block. He was called out by Uncle first and a few other people. I noticed something quite fishy and posted as well. At this point things are, shall we say, not the prettiest right now.

    With the latest volley, I’m reasonably sure this actually is an anti-gun troll. The writing style matches the rant that came out after our PSA video.

    You can also check out these posts and the comment threads.

  4. Hmmmm, I thought the guy was just a douche but the possibility of an anti-gun troll is one I’ll have to consider in more detail. It might explain things I had been just chalking up to mental issues.

  5. Barron; I saw the bit on Uncle, and read the links and many of the comments. You seem to be talking about trolls, but I don’t understand how that equates to eating our own. Trolls have been around since the beginning, and by definition they’re not “our own” no matter how much they want us think so. It’s like comparing the Republican Party leadership to those who advocate liberty. The former is a troll trying to use the latter for its gain, but would like nothing more than to discredit and minimize the latter. Then there are those who see nothing but dollar signs floating around in some manner they don’t understand, and want nothing on Earth but to grab a few of them. They’re not strictly trolls, but exhibit troll behavior. I call them gamers or tweakers. Bill Clinton was a gamer. They have no principles, but will gladly hang out with those who do so long as they think there is something to be gained. They are not “our own”. They’re chameleons and they run in every crowd, wherever there is prey.

    But I still have no idea what we’re talking about, really, because Ry is the one who started this conversation several days ago in a rather cryptic manner. If there was a link or some other reference I missed it, and I apologize. I’m particularly interested in hearing from Ry and Joe.

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