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Since is it illegal for the government to keep records of someone who exercises their First Amendment rights it should also be illegal for a government to keep records of someone who exercises their Second Amendment rights.

Can you imagine the outcry if the government demanded you fill out the equivalent of a 4473 and undergo a NICS check before purchasing a printer for your computer, start a blog, or write a letter to the editor?

The Second Amendment deserves as much or more respect than the First Amendment and we need to get that point across.


1 thought on “Random thought of the day

  1. Yeah well, since the communists have been using our first amendment and our institutions to change minds in America for generations, they love it.

    I see perfect consistency here. Whatever the left can do to undermine America and the American principles of liberty (rewriting history in public schools, spreading misinformation, mistrust anger and hate between neighbors, impugning America at every turn) = good. If it’s protected by the constitution, then by golly they’re all in favor of constitutional rights and rah rah constitution– they’re upstanding patriots don’t you know, and I guess you hate patriots if you disagree with them. Anything that might get in their way (strength, stability, productivity, honor, courage, respect, prosperity, the right to self defense and defense of country) = bad. If it’s protected by the constitution, well you know; the constitution is a “living document” and must be adjusted to “fit with the times” and of course we all know that the founders had slaves, and what are you, a racist Neanderthal who wants to live in the past?

    It’s hard to accuse them of being hypocrites because they are so totally consistent in their actions.

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