Quote of the day—James Huffman-Scott

The existence of a position with the title “Political Officer” fills me with rage. In the military or a business the mere existence of such a position is evidence the government should be overthrown.

James Huffman-Scott
February 20, 2012
This was said while watching Voices of Authority in season three of Babylon 5.
[Yeah. It is just a TV show but I can understand that if it were to happen in real life. And I can see we aren’t that far away from it actually happening here. Having your friends and neighbors sending an email to the Whitehouse (search for “flag” on this page) about something you said in opposition to a government program or policy in violation of Federal law is a relatively small step from having a political officer looking over your shoulder all of the time.

It’s probably because of my advancing age and desensitization from the constant assaults to our freedom over the years that I don’t get nearly as angry about things like that anymore.

Instead of getting angry I spend my time building tools to enable the revolution should the offenses reach an intolerable level with no other options available.—Joe]

4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—James Huffman-Scott

  1. I really need to get a cnc mill and lathe. I’m all for building tools too.

    I get angry and upset, but usually my therapy either involves recoil, a boom, combination there of, or coming up with a solution to the problem by any means necessary.

  2. i followed your link to the shooting gallery episode and was very surprised to see you look pretty normal.
    just f’in with ya lol. keep up the good work, love the blog. i learn something almost every day.

  3. Babylon 5 has lots of uncanny insights into abuses of power, political expediency, governmental conspiracies, the guilty avoiding just punishment, and parallels with WWII, that it became my favorite science fiction series.

    The mere fact that we have more czars then Russia ever did, is a sad commentary on how our government is operating.

    How about that “AttackWatch” (renamed later due to mocking), that is full of the lamest lies to excuse the POTUS?
    Goebbels would be proud.

  4. AND it’s a cheap and sleazy way to employ the otherwise unemployable on the Government dime, the cheese-balls who get an office or cubicle space and a job monitoring whatever happens in XYZ-Corp/Industry, forwarding memos, making the water-cooler scene a vindictive cesspool of hate and ruining the atmosphere. It’s the TSA writ large and installed into every aperture, where the nostrils of the camel’s nose have microphones.

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