Quote of the day—Roberta X

Why apply prior restraint to a Constitutionally-protected right, then? Barring stupidity, deliberate ignorance or outright insanity, … unreasoning prejudice is the only motive.

Roberta X
February 21, 2012
Running The Numbers
[For a simple one-word answer “prejudice” is close enough and probably should be used in those contexts where sound bytes are important. But the real answer is probably much more complex. There is more than a little ignorance, a fair amount of stupidity and a lot of near insanity as well. Read about Peterson Syndrome for a more complete story on that mix.

But what Roberta left out was hatred, maliciousness, and evil. There are those that would disarm us because they know that if we have arms we will forcefully resist their final ultimate solution to what they believe to be the problems of the world.—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Roberta X

  1. Only your enemy wants you disarmed.

    My shotgun has never once gotten out of its cage to go on a killing spree all by itself. Neither has it negligently discharged because of the condition I keep it in. It has never been touched by the little hands of curious children.

    It remains there quietly, awaiting the regrettable requirement to visit just violence on those who would do me or my family harm.

    So, for all of the nasty gun control freaks, you have no moral advantage over me to dictate my ownership or use of it.

    Given that every one of the gun control proposals or actual laws (gun free zones, waiting periods, background checks, magazine capacity restrictions, scary-looking weapons bans, etc) can be dissected to be shown to be utterly USELESS for the supposed purpose of reducing “gun violence” then I call foul. Their remedies do nothing for keeping criminals from using firearms, so I agree with Roberta, they are stupid or have malicious intentions.

    Molon Labe!

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