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Starbucks? This is your bold, patriotic idea of a dangerous venue in which to flaunt your precious Second Amendment pacifiers? Because laptop-wielding hipsters are soooo freaking terrifying? Because the baristers are armed with… scalding hot milk foam?

If your gun is a tool, it is something to be treated with the respect you’d show any potentially dangerous tool. Somehow I don’t see a spontaneous uprising of lumberjacks carrying chainsaws and construction workers flourishing jackhammers at the local Starbucks, because this is the real world, not a badly scripted porno movie. Semi-retired CPAs who listen to a lot of Rush Limbaugh, please copy.

Anyone who has to demonstrate his political allegiances by flashing a gun at a Starbucks has presumably decided that it’s too risky to “support the Second Amendment” at a Dunkin Donuts… where the professional security forces hang out. Or even at the local McDonald’s, where some safety-conscious mommy at the ball pit would be liable to give you a very hurtful talking-to.

Anne Laurie
March 3, 2010
Open Thread: Penis Substitutes At the Ready!
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday!

From the title to any hint of substance in the post itself Laurie demonstrates her total clueness of what the Starbucks conflict was about.—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Anne Laurie

  1. Anne,
    Yes it is the real world and I carry because you know, bad shit never goes down in a coffee shop right?

    How many times when there is a shooting we hear the phrase, “I never thought it could happen here.”

    Also as to the last paragraph, are you saying cops don’t drink Starbucks? Because I passed one while open carrying last Tuesday while walking into Starbucks. The cop, nor the patrons, nor the staff gave a second look at the the fact I was carrying a weapon.

    If you could please clarify these issues Anne it would be greatly appreciated.

    Signed, Those of use who aren’t living in a poorly scripted porno flick.

  2. Some observations- Firstly, I DO carry, openly, at McDonalds, and at the convenience store, and the grocery store, and a whole array of other places, where (with one exception) I have never suffered an ill response; even the one response to the contrary was polite. He requested I not carry in his store, and I, by virtue of not having returned since, generously acquiesed. Secondly, as a carpenter, I HAVE carried all manners of dangerous tools into places not common for them. None of these have ever harmed anyone in doing so. Finally- YOUR side picked this hill. It isn’t as though we all got together in our super-secret lair, with our NRA decoder rings and thought, “Starbucks! THAT should be a safe enough place!”


  3. On Valentines day I took my wife to the nearest Starbucks, and we didn’t conceal or open carry because it is still “illegal” to do so on a military installation. But I got a coffee and she got a tea and my 2 year old son got a chocolate milk.

    I couldn’t get through the comments, it all boiled down to another case of “gun grabber bingo” with every talking point covered. I hope they get mugged by someone not using a gun. Nothing like coming face to face with someone your physical superior to convince you of the utility of a force equalization tool. Use the right tool for the job, big rocks means long levers, big perps means firearms.

  4. I knew better but violated my better judgement and went to read the article and comments. Joe, you should have a QotD for every Monday for the next year with all the comments in there.

    I did love the guys saying that a concealed carrier wouldn’t have changed anything at the Lynnwood shootout. You did it by the numbers and it increased the odds of survivability for the officers if the Barista was on her toes. Science, it works bitches!

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