Here Come De Judge

Via Uncle;

I don’t know the whole back story, but I sure liked all the “what ifs”.  Yes; Ronald Reagan, The One, to whom all others must be compared, Ronaldus Magnus, presided over a near doubling of the federal budget, and was all in on the drug war.  I hadn’t previously heard of the things he said about Santorum.  Oh goody.

So how can we fix it?  It’s already been push verses shove for a long time (my neighbor, the political prisoner, gets out of the federal poke in a few months, but his business is totally gone)(I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told, “You’d better watch what you say…!”).  Ours has just been less violent than, say, the Bolshevik Revolution and the Cultural Revolution.  So far.  I for one would like to keep it that way, but only if it can be going the opposite direction (away from statism and toward liberty).  We’d had far too much of this shit by the time I was born, during the Eisenhower administration.

I suppose then, what we need in a presidential campaign is someone who has a plan to “maintain the revolution, but turn it around the other way and without unnecessary killing”.

I’ll be interested to know where De Judge goes from here.

2 thoughts on “Here Come De Judge

  1. What if continually voting more government led to a worldwide debt problem that was “corrected” with massive injections of fiat currency and “capital”? (Joe, I have a rake -and- a hoe and memories of pickin’ rocks at my Dad’s place in Buckley. Just sayin’; it’s work I can do. )

    Raise your hand if you saw “RONPAUL!!” coming about 20 seconds into that… yeah, me too.

  2. Sorry. We’ve talked about this quite a bit already. The ark is already full. Immediate family ends up with a pretty large crew.

    You might consider buying some land close by and trading labor for food that way. But additional space for occupants is probably going to be non-existent.

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