17 thoughts on “Markley’s Law defacement

  1. Funny how liberals say they’re OK with homosexuality… but when push comes to shove, “I [heart] penis” is what they resort to as an insult. Chew on that (no pun intended).

  2. This unfortunately is why I won’t put political stickers on my car (unless if I was driving a beater or something). There would be too much time where it’s unattended in public and I don’t want some ass to key it because they know they can get away with it.

  3. Embrace it! Get a new sticker made: “My dick is bigger than yours, it’s an NRA member, it’s armed, and it votes!”

    Actually, maybe it’s time to turn this meme on its head. Hornady caused a stir with their ZombieMax ammo. Maybe it’s time for Taurus or Glock to introduce the .41 Penis, or maybe a new Savage rifle chambered in .257 C-Sucker.

    Gays call each other queer all the time. Blacks even get to call each other the N-word (see, I can’t even type it here.) Turn the anti-gunner’s insult into the joke that it is, and maybe they’ll be to embarrassed to show their stripes.

  4. Honestly, Joe, it probably wouldn’t be that hard to find out who did it. It isn’t as if you live in NYC or San Francisco. The number of anti-gunners in your area can probably be counted on both hands. If you research the anti-gun literature coming from your own area, you can probably ID just about every anti in your area–and then narrow it down from there.

  5. I think it looks like a cloud. Glad the “artist” identified it otherwise I’d have never guessed what the intended picture was.

  6. Ken,
    I’m going to assume this happened while he was in Seattle, not on the Palouse. Even then out here it’s two college towns within 10 miles of each other. There’s plenty of lefties on college campuses.

    For the most part out here though people leave stuff like that alone just because if the owner shows up it’s not going to end well for you.


  7. Ken; Joe’s secret, hardened underground bunker is in the greater Seattle area, so that makes it a bit more difficult. That place is crawling with Occupy movement types, public employees’ union revolutionaries and all other forms of moochers and racketeers. Having more in common with San Francisco, Western Washington makes Eastern Washington look like a libertarian stronghold. They’re two separate states, really, meaning that our tax money here in the East goes over to the west, and stays there.

  8. Yes. It was in the Seattle area. It could have been while in the grocery store parking lot or in the carport in front of my Clock Tower residence (I moved out of the bunker a few months ago).

    I had worried about vandalism since I put the bumper sticker on for the 2008 election. I took it off after I discovered it was defaced on Thursday.

    There is just no point in taking the additional risk of vandalism.

    Leftists get really violent when they are losing.

  9. I don’t carry to compensate for my penis size. But the gun does work as a counterweight and that is a nice bonus.

  10. I took it off …There is just no point in taking the additional risk of vandalism.

    So the vandal succeeded. While you weren’t scared of a poorly drawn wiener, the threat of further vandalism shut you up. I don’t have any bumper stickers on my car for the same reason but it is disappointing that thuggery works.

  11. I think they need to reevaluate their basic premise. Are guns even phallic? Like a woman, you cannot ignore a gun for a long time and then expect it to be cooperative. It is always good to take the time to keep a gun well lubricated.  If one plays with the trigger correctly you’ll notice the gun becomes hot. Phallic shaped bullets are squeezed tightly into a gun’s barrel. Guns can be simultaneously very tough but also fragile. Guns, like women, can be very, very loud. 

    Nonetheless, I am working tirelessly to invent a gun that has a labia as I know that the Markley’s Law types would immediately embrace such a clearly non-phallic gun and not merely shift their criticism to some other stupid argument.

    On the other hand, Mannlicher does sound pretty gay.

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