Quote of the day—Manolis Glezos

Enough is enough! They have no idea what an uprising by the Greek people means. And the Greek people, regardless of ideology, have risen.

Manolis Glezos
February 12, 2012
Glezos is one of Greece’s most famous leftists.
This was in response to the looting, rioting, and burning of the city of Athens and other places in Greece due to cuts in government spending.
Greek lawmakers approve austerity bill as Athens burns
[I know what it means. It means:

  • If leftists can’t loot via political means they will loot via direct violence.
  • Leftists do not understand economic reality.
  • We can expect to see the violence spread across Europe and to America as economic reality runs its course.

Barb and I had breakfast with son James and his wife Kelsey today. They were contemplating what the economic collapse would look like. This is probably a glimpse of what we have to look forward to.—Joe]

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  1. True…but we also have privately owned firearms here. More to the point, we have an ever-increasing ownership of firearms here, most of it by people who won’t take kindly to leftist looters.

  2. It’s hard to imagine what the rioters hope to accomplish. I guess no one wants to be the first to give up the gravy from the gravy train. Every one wants to be that last person to get that last looted morsel. But then what?

    At that point the economy, and the society, is in shambles. I figure that the chaos has to be the end goal, in and of itself. Make everyone suffer, just so we all “know what it’s like”.

    I’ve said for years that the Progressive movement is essentially a death cult. Charles Manson and Jim Jones were just a bit ahead of their time, for Americans, though the whole 20th century was a playground for the Death Cult worldwide.

    We can define The Enemy, but at the same time we must be offering the alternative. Liberty– the right to self determination, which brings with it both empowerment and responsibility. Self respect and prosperity as opposed to gangs fighting for dependency.

  3. @Lyle, I have to conclude something different. My hypothesis is the majority of the people don’t believe gravy train is, or will ever be, empty. They believe there are always more “rich” people who should “pay their fair share”. They have declared themselves so many positive “rights” that consumption exceeds production. But they either do not understand the concepts or cannot imagine they have reached that point.

    It is my belief that 100s of thousands if not millions will die believing “the rich” were holding out and owed them “a decent living” as they destroy the very infrastructure that enabled them to earn a lifestyle that was rich beyond the wildest dreams of those that lived even 100 years ago and was totally inconceivable to those that lived 500 years ago.

    Perhaps Heinlein says it better.

  4. @Joe; I believe you are correct, and therein I say we have defined the perpetrators verses the duped. Combine that with the notion some people have– that there are far too many people on the planet, and it doesn’t look good. The duped have these various notions because of the perpetrators.

    And now we have to “perpetrate” liberty as the alternative. It’s taken generations for the Enemy to get its structure in place, and it’s still building it. It will take generations to get ours in place. We’ve barely started, or started long ago and didn’t continue building.

    So what is our model structure (for teaching and disseminating the ideals of liberty)? Has it ever existed? I submitted years ago that maybe it has existed, or does exist. Do you remember what it was? Missions, stocked with missionaries. That model seems to have worked extremely well at times, and across diverse cultures. I view Hillsdale College as one of those missions. There are others, and then we have the SAF and other legal action groups. That idea of missions (educating kids, helping out in communities, holding seminars for the adults) punctuated with legal action groups (suing the snot out of the tyrants). That sounds sweet. And you know where there are well educated, motivated, liberty loving alumni, there is potential funding.

    Libertarian (or name it something else if it sounds better) missions.

    Remember Shay’s Rebellion? IIRC, right after the British were kicked out, there was a group of communists (though the word hadn’t been coined yet) ready to overthrow the Continental Congress and share the wealth by force. They weren’t “believers”. They didn’t understand the ideals of liberty. If not for a miniscule handful of people, the United States might have been more like Liberia, or Haiti.

    So yeah; maybe we need missions everywhere. If it worked for the Catholics, it should work for us.

  5. But don’t you know that guns only increase the violence?

    Of course they do. But if your aim is good, it’s a very short-lived increase followed by a very rapid decrease in violence.

  6. I only recently–within the last few years–*really* learned about Shay’s Rebellion, and I wouldn’t consider them Communists. First, they weren’t out to overthrow the Continental Congress–their griefs were only against Massachussets. They were rebelling against a certain amount of corruption in Massachusets government. As Revolutionary War Veterans, they also wanted their promised pensions and pay.

    The Rebellion led to the Constitution, though, which many Libertarians consider to be the first step in the destruction of freedom. I disagree with this notion because, as I see it, the Constitution cemented the mindset of liberty in the American people. Neither the States nor the Founders were exactly paragons of Libertarian ideals!

    If you want a Communist rebellion, you have to look overseas to the French Revolution.

    In any case, I agree with the notion of “missions” for liberty. Sometimes I also feel we need to be “Foundations” (a la Asimov’s “Foundation” series) where we work to preserve our history, our knowledge of freedoms, and our knowledge of math, chemistry, metalurgy, engineering, etc, so that we could pass such knowledge down through our children, to a day when we can re-establish freedom, if things go dark enough that we completely lose our freedoms altogether.

    It’s kindof sad that we have to prepare for such things, but prepare we must, if we want a bright future!

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