Quote of the day—Adam Hall

A gun is psychologically a penis-substitute and a symbol of power: the age-range of toy-shop clientele begins at about six or seven, rises sharply just before puberty and declines soon after the discovery of the phallus and its promise of power. From then on, guns are for kids and for the effete freaks and misfits who must seek psycho-orgasmic relief by shooting pheasants.

Adam Hall
The Quiller Memorandum, page 101 (hardcover version).
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday!—Joe]


9 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Adam Hall

  1. Meh! My firearm is an extension of my fist, not my penis. That giy is one sick f**k.

  2. I’m kinda curious on where he got the idea that the phallus is a symbol of power.

    In history Males have dominated over females, but that’s been on sheer body side and strength (and a penis offers minimal weight, and zero strength….also I think every boy can remember the first time somebody kicked them in the balls…so a severe tactical disadvantage).

    Said physical advantage quickly vanishes when the smaller, weaker female is armed with a firearm.

    I’m also curious what this guy uses his penis for. I never reach for my gun when I’m urinating or having sex. And in the few instances where I was concerned about my safety I’ve always reached for my gun…but never my penis…

  3. I learned a long time ago that the left has a huge problem with telegraphing how they think. There accusations are usually based in how they perceive the world. For instance guns are powerful, having a gun makes me powerful, being powerful makes me sexy therefor having a gun is a substitute for having a bigger penis. We know it’s crap but trying to convince the hardcore left that any of there preconceived notions are wrong is like trying to talk a brick wall into being a fence, before you can get anywhere you have to take the wall apart.

  4. The right of self defense and the ability ot put meat on the table are not substitutes for a penis.

    And yes; the anti gun mindset is a very envious one. Envious and afraid. Envy, like fear, leads to hate, so the anti gun mindset hates from at least two directions.

    But then there is the leftist/collectivist mindset, which hates mankind in general for its strength, creativity and productivity.

  5. I learned in Psych 101 that the phallic symbol was a SYMBOL of power, that it in itself did not confer power upon the person except symbolically, as the crown and decorative mace worn and carried by kings and queens. I also learned that because of the attraction of women to powerful men, that beautiful women were phallic symbols, ie symbols or signifiers of power. The conclusion we students drew from this in class was that men aspired to POSSESS phallic symbols, and women aspired to BE phallic symbols.
    Where the handgun comes into play here, I don’t know. A fear of weapons when they aren’t pointed at you in anger is as psychologically healthy as a fear of knives in your kitchen butcher block, or pictures of spiders in a book.

  6. Oh, and power symbols received the name, “phallic symbol” because Freud spoke metaphorically. As an example, “Penis Envy” does not mean one is literally envious of having a penis, but that one is envious of what the boys do, e.g. participate in men-only clubs.

  7. My observation is that the more progressive/leftist a “man” is, the more effeminate, cowardly, and nasty they are. Not saying the inverse is true for conservatives, it’s just they seem normal, and the progressives/leftists seem damaged.

  8. Just the usual question:

    If guns are such phallic symbols, why do they make them with 2″ barrels?

    < crickets >

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