Boomerite testing

I’m very pleased to report that after running a sample of our existing stock of potassium chlorate through a blender the problems appear to be solved:

Barron has his own report of our tests.

Also of interest is that I talked to our supplier on Friday and discovered that we can order whatever grade and class of potassium chlorate we want. That probably means we won’t have this problem again and can use our existing stock for private parties and miscellaneous testing when we have the more time to run it through a blender.

2 thoughts on “Boomerite testing

  1. That looks like you’re closer than 25 yards. I would think that is kinda close to something that explodes.

  2. That’s nothing. Try entertainingly close. And he did some even closer than that. See also this.

    It’s all relative to the amount of explosive. Those were about 1.5-1.8lbs IIRC. Ry did one really close as well, enough Joe was concerned.

    If I was putting anything other than cardboard between me and the explosive I would be hiding far away in a bunker. Thankfully cardboard has the BC of a snowflake.

    The thing is, if Joe’s willing to stand there, you’re going to be safe unlike Ry and I where you damn near get a face full of mud. That was the same explosion, different perspectives. Joe’s operating system isn’t buggy like some of us, and he doesn’t use his manual override either.

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