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The administration that took military action in Libya without any authorization from force from Congress, that appointed czars with policymaking authority without Congressional confirmation, and that made ‘recess’ appointments while Congress was not in recess is invoking executive privilege to cover how the Department of Justice reacted when Congress began asking about a gun-trafficking operation that got U.S. law enforcement officers murdered by Mexican drug cartels.

All from a president who railed against a runaway imperial presidency when George W. Bush sat in the office he currently occupies.

Jim Geraghty
February 2, 2012
Eric Holder Should Become a Campaign Issue Today
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I’ve had admitted Marxist’s tell me, “We just need to have the right people in charge.” The problem is that power always attracts the people that can least be trusted with that power.

The only option is to not give anyone that much power. I don’t understand why this lesson has to be taught again and again. People have understood this since at least 1776.—Joe]

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  1. I don’t understand why this lesson has to be taught again and again.

    It’s the same misunderstanding repeated since Jean-Jacques Rousseau: that humanity can be perfected, if only we do it the right way.

  2. Joe said: “People have understood this since at least 1776”

    Maybe they understood it in 1776, but even by 1787 it was less clear, given the amount of power the Federalists could put into the Constitution, and the general fight over the Bill of Rights.

  3. What the obozo has done is create the power illegally, that Hitler created legally via the Enabling Act. The US Congress has been by-passed and shunted out of the equation. The obozo has the means and people to literally become dictator at will. Some say he is already a dictator. We shall see I suppose.

    Look at the contempt in the manner and comments from E. Holder today in the House regarding F & F. He knows there is nothing that the House can or will do to him. Even IF something was done to Holder he would be pardoned by the obozo.

    We are living in a lawless society.

  4. I’ve had a lot of folks (who are likely Marxist-leaning but don’t really know it) tell me “if only we had the right people in charge” or words to that effect… MANY a time. Some will even say “benevolent dictator” or somesuch.

    I think there really is a hardwired human tendency to hand off authority to others. I guess its just easier? Is the notion of Liberty still in its intellectual infancy (and we will get to see it grow and strengthen), or a quirk of European enlightenment thinkers whose time has long passed (meaning we revert to the mean, historically, with regard to governmental structure)?

    People really seem comfortable with the idea of being “ruled.” Somehow, though, they never see themselves as being under the heel, that’s always the hated “other” who will be the subject of Leviathan’s wrath.

    Power hungry politicians play this tune to perfection and always seem to win. Panem et circenses, until the money dries up. Then the “excitement” comes. An unbroken cycle, a pattern easily recognized in hindsight… “but it’s different this time.” No… it isn’t.

    OK I’ll stop before I thoroughly depress myself.

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