Quote of the day—John West

It’s not scary looking guns that frighten me, it’s the thought of an unarmed citizenry at the mercy of a tyrannical government that makes be toss and turn at night.

The one thing that all slaves have in common, they don’t own guns.

John West
January 2012
Comment to RCMP to seize more ‘scary-looking’ guns before registry dies.
[Nor do slaves own weapons of any type.

I have nothing further to add.—Joe]

4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—John West

  1. I’ll give you half a point on that.

    The conditions under which they allow them access to the weapons is very restricted and the conscripts don’t own the weapons.

  2. If I got a damn order to turn in my firearms in direct violation of the Second Amendment I would make sure they would have a hell of a time finding them! Nothing like burying them miles from your house to make their searching fruitless.

    It is impossible for that to transpire here in America you say, bull. Look at the Germans, Armenians, Russians, Chinese, British, Australians, and most recently, the Canadians.

    Only a fool would not see the evil pattern…register…confiscate…control/oppress…and maybe, escalate to genocide.

    Never Again! and Molon Labe!

  3. Even when soldiers have “weapons”, the “weapon” is not necessarily functional. When the U.S. President “visits” the troops their firearms are disabled — the bolt (firing pin?) for the gun is removed and held in lock-up. If you see the visit on video or in pictures it *looks* like our “betters” trust us but it just isn’t so.

    So even if they’re not “conscripts” the access to weapons is very constrained.

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