Starbucks appreciation

I was a big proponent of patronizing Starbucks after the Brady Campaign attempted to intimidate them two years ago:

I don’t like coffee and haven’t spent all that much at Starbucks recently but wife Barbara does like coffee and visits them sometimes. It appears one of our activities for Valentines Day this year will be to visit Starbucks again to show our appreciation for not submitting to the pressure from the anti-gun groups.

The reason is because a one-day boycott of Starbucks is being advocated by an anti-gun group and our response is a “buycott”.

Other blog posts on the February 14th event:

8 thoughts on “Starbucks appreciation

  1. Seriously, valentines day is their boycott day?


    Do they know how many men will be stopping there on their way home to pick up a card for the woman? Starbucks conveniently always has cards for any occasion and sells gift cards.

    This gives me a reason to buy the woman some coffee for valentine’s day.

    (WTF is going on with the post above me?)

  2. Sadly, there isn’t a Starbucks near where I live (Shocking, I know). I don’t drink coffee, but I like their scones.

    We better watch out, though. National Gun Victims Action Council claims they outnumber us 50 to 1.

  3. @Aaron – “They’ve got us surrounded? The poor bastards.” The fight will be short, messy, and delicious. 🙂

  4. @Aaron

    Hahahhaha! If only. Personally, I think we need to ban deadly assault scones. They’re slightly more stale and can leave a nasty bruise if thrown hard enough.

    Go to their Facebook page. It’s full of nothing but people pointing out why they’re wrong.

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