Quote of the day—Vic Frasier

It’s like having a .60 caliber penis in your pants. Only you can kill a person with it.

Vic Frasier
June 21, 2009
Five Guns That Are Clearly Compensating for a Tiny Penis
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday!

And if he thinks .60 caliber is a large for a human penis then he needs some anatomy lessons as well as psychological help.—Joe]

7 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Vic Frasier

  1. He seems to think that guns are sexy (though he obviously doesn’t know much about them). So I figue he’s envious of those who have them and know how to use them. Envy is a huge motivator in world events.

  2. Honestly, even after looking at some of his other posts, it wasn’t really obvious if he was being serious or if that was just a “cracked.com” style list.

  3. @ubu52, Batteries are extra. But it’s sold under the name of “Pocket Rocket“.

    @Laughingdog, I couldn’t tell either. I am down with a cold and my head was pounding and just wanted to find something that matched the theme so I went with it without doing as much checking as I normally would have.

  4. .60″ gauge would be kindof small for a human penis, yes. .60″ caliber would be alarming in a human urethra, however.

  5. It’s Salon. Of course he’s serious about his gun-hatred, and his belief that it’s sexy. That’s Salon’s whole purpose: to convince neurotic left-wingers that, really, they’re unique, sexy people. The only reason other people do things like shooting guns, which make Salon readers vomit in fear, is that those other people aren’t sexy like Salon readers. Did I mention that Salon readers are sexy?

    They like to think they aren’t like all those uptight conservatives who are scared of sex. But first of all, their own sexual stamina is pretty much in their minds, and second of all, if there is one universally unsexy trait, it’s neurotic fear of, well, pretty much anything, including guns. They are uptight, just about different things.

    By the way–knock on wood–it appears that cracked.com didn’t take his article. Apparently they, unlike Vic Frasier, can see which way the wind is blowing when it comes to guns.

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