The snow won

Barron and I drove out to the Boomershoot site today for some more testing of the potassium chlorate. There was a large snow berm blocking the road out to Mecca and the snow was too deep to drive across anyway. We parked at my cousin Dennis’ place, packed up our stuff and started to walk. It is only 789 yards (I wrote an app for that!) but the crust on the snow was weak enough that I broke through about every other step and Barron broke through almost up to his knees with each step.

The wind was coming up and it was starting to snow and I decided (after getting confirmation from Barron) that this wasn’t a good idea. It was going to be a lot of work getting out there and back. So much work that it was bordering stupid to even try. We drove back to Moscow without doing the testing.

I’ll be back in town in two weeks. Maybe the weather will be more cooperative and if not we’ll bring snowshoes and we will win the battle with the snow.

1 thought on “The snow won

  1. As a child of the South, I learned early on that one does not battle snow, as snow is just a different phase of water. Battling snow is equivalent to fighting the tide. It doesn’t notice and you get tired and soggy. The most I ever wanted to do was avoid snow, or at worst wait it out (less possible above the Mason-Dixon line), or move some of it a short distance to get it out of one’s way.

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