The ‘Tone’ in Politics

We’re hearing it more and more lately.  It’s being said because we’re starting to have a good influence; “The tone in politics has gotten so nasty lately…”  I heard it from my mother last night too.

It’s like everything else in politics– if the Progressives like it, it’s great, no matter what, but if you love liberty and say things in support of it, you’re being “mean and combative”.

Our freedom can be attacked from all directions, and there’s never a problem with that.  We can be told we should just back down and shut up, or guns are good for one things and one thing only: Murdering.  That sort of thing has been said for decades.  The very process of making a living in business can be maligned, vilified and smeared for generations, ownership of certain cars or trucks, or of guns, or simply being successful can be said to be a sign that we’re (ehem) “Compensating for something”.  We can be accused for generations of being racist if we want all people to live as equal under the law, and that’s not “nasty”.

Until we push back in favor of liberty– Then we are being “nasty”.  Then we’re being told how unfortunate it is that things are getting so vitriolic. 

Well sure; the ideals of statism/Progressivism/socialism, and plain old blind-and-stupid anti-Americanism cannot coexist with the principles of liberty.  One destroys the other.  So it’s been nasty all along.  As nasty as nasty gets.  How can a 100+ year long attack on the very ideal of human freedom and liberty be anything other than scum-sucking, in-the-gutter nasty?

So let’s not play stupid mind games.  Leave that to the Left, to play on each other.  For generations we’ve been cowards.  We let them get away with it for fear of being ostracized from polite society.  We let them play us for fools, always hoping against hope that that would somehow buy us something with them, and always failing.

On that note; I notice a lot of our own using disclaimers.  “I don’t work for so and so” etc. after giving a good review on a product or service.  Well how about this?  I love you, I respect you, I appreciate your input a LOT, but SCREW YOU!  That is to say; you don’t need to excuse yourself for saying good things about something.  If it turns out you were being dishonest, we’ll eventually find out and stop taking you seriously.  If it turns out you were right, as I suspect you are, I’ll listen to you next time with heightened interest.  See?  Understand that your eagerness to put in with the disclaimers comes from your having been cowed all your life into believing that there is something wrong with what we’ve come to call “commercialism” (with a little cringe at the distastefulness of the word).  Stop it, gawdamit.  If we can’t promote products for our own benefit, how long before selling ideas or principles for our own benefit becomes taboo?

How about this, just as an attempt to jolt you out of your life-long anti-capitalist hypnotic state (even though you think you’ve overcome it); How DARE you come here with nothing to sell!  How DARE you make comments with no products or services to offer your fellow Man.  How DARE you come here empty-handed, with naught but words.  Get your wits about you, Man.  Shake off the perpetual apologetic state and start selling something.  And no– don’t even go along in sarcasm, making disclaimers just to show how stupid they are.  That’s how it starts you doing out of habit.

OK;  Buy UltiMAK.  See?  That didn’t hurt a bit, did it?  Maybe I own the company and maybe I don’t, and it’s none of your business if I don’t feel like telling you for some stupid reason.  I do own it, and if I didn’t want you to know it would probably be because I was embarrassed by it and that should make you wonder why.  I’ll let the products speak for themselves, mainly, and my opinions of them will be tested by time and experience.  Anything I say about them will either be proven a; true, or b; not so true, and my reputation will go likewise.  And if someone comes busting your door in for trying to make a living in your own way, or they try to seize your bank accounts, fuck with your family, etc., you can always shoot them.  So what’s to lose?  You life, your liberty and your sacred honor.  That’s just three things.  At the end, which will be most important to you?

I the spirit of keeping the tone polite and cordial; anytime anyone spouts the slightest bit of even semi socialist, quasi-moderate or anti capitalist, anti corporate drivel, any time, anywhere, in any company, tell them to sit back and shut up because you’re sick and tired of the divisiveness and the nastiness.

1 thought on “The ‘Tone’ in Politics

  1. Liberal progressive socialist twits understand or at least practice the old adage that “Extremism in defense of (flavor of the day outrage) is no vice.” Extremism comes in many flavors.

    Going Alinsky on them, demanding they respect and tolerate diverse viewpoints, is fun up to a point. So is refusing to accept their premises, and offering them different premises (Gingrich keeps doing this to debate moderators, to the amusement of the audiences)>.

    But what I like to do best of all is to ask them about the consequences of their spoutings: If what they say is really true, what might they predict will happen tomorrow, next month, next year? If rich people really are ogres who want to grind babies up to grease the axles of their SUV’s, where are the reports of missing babies and the red stains from blood in the driveways of the rich? Reductio ad absurdum their silly pretenses, I say. It is usually a short trip, their premises being so close to absurdity already.

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