They asked for it

The anti-gun people have expressed rage and claim we misunderstood and mocked them. The video Barron and I made was “the most offensive” of the responses (CSGV link is here). My impression is that this was because people in the video repeatedly said, “Candles don’t stop violence.” The anti-gun people said their candle-light stunt was to remember the victims; not to stop the violence.

But if you remember the Brady Campaign did say, “Imagine stopping a bullet before it kills a child. Impossible? Not with your help! All across America people are coming together to save lives from preventable gun violence. Will you join them, and the Brady Campaign, as we host a nationwide candlelight vigil to honor victims of gun violence?”

Our message, as stated by daughter Kim in the video, was, “Your time would be better spent going to the range and practicing…”

For them to be surprised we would regard their publicity stunt strictly as a remembrance vigil is for them to say they were stupid or incredibly naive. They literally said, “…people are coming together to save lives from preventable gun violence…” But in the words of a famous gun blogger, “Gun control: What you do instead of something.” He, and others, have been saying this for years.

They should have known their claim to be “doing something” would be derided. Barron, Kim, and I just cranked it to 11.


11 thoughts on “They asked for it

  1. What they didn’t like was that very few people FELL for their stunt, and many many more called them out on it.

    Also that we also paid respect to victims, and many actually joined in the event and shared how guns had saved their lives.

    Joan went ahead and pointed out that they weren’t HER victims.

    They’re offended because we exposed them for what they are, rather than pretending they are kind compassionate warriors for peace.

  2. “Ohhh, You Gunnies hurt my Feelings!”-the Brady Bunch.

    “Better your Feelings than my Life or the Innocent Lives of others.”-the Armed American Citizen.

    Candlelight Vigils are as about as effective in the Real World as using a Teddy Bear for Body Armor. It may make you FEEL Warm and Comfy, but it doesn’t stop incoming bullets worth a Damn.

  3. If the truth is your enemy, anyone drawing attention to the truth is your enemy. You are a blasphemer, an infidel to their belief system, and you must be dealt with accordingly.

    Also you have to understand that since they hate you, they’ll refer to you as the source of the hate, i.e. you are the hater. Never forget it.

    You are dealing with very, VERY dangerous personality types. We can laugh at them for the moment, but as we speak they’re are racking their brains for ways to hurt you. I just hope you’re all aware of the level of hatred and white-hot anger we’re facing, not just in the anti gun rights movement, but in the left in general.

  4. They don’t have the funds to hire better writers, and they lack the intelligence, imagination, and data to do their own writing.

  5. When you have flawed reasoning based on a false premise, and a decidedly Un-American set of goals, finding a good writer or two is the least of your problems.

    Rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic comes to mind. Get them set up juuuuust right and everything will be OK.

  6. “Bottom line: The Brady organization needs to hire better writers”

    because the standard bullshit isn’t fooling ANYBODY, even you, ubu.

    Why not just give up and understand that you all were wrong all along, and help us work for freedom, liberty, and saving lives?

  7. The Brady organization needs to hire better liars.

    There. I fixed it for ya. Of course, that won’t help them much either.

  8. No, for the Brady organization to hire better writers, they would have to hire writers with a better grasp of logic and of human nature, and the writers with those qualities would not be leftists.

  9. “Candlelight Vigils are as about as effective in the Real World as using a Teddy Bear for Body Armor. It may make you FEEL Warm and Comfy, but it doesn’t stop incoming bullets worth a Damn.”

    Disclosure: I haven’t yet seen Joe’s video, although I’ve seen a couple of “candlelight and gun” vigil photographs.

    Candlelight vigils and teddy bears have their place, because in our cold, dark world, it’s nice to feel warm and comfy once in a while, especially when you are remembering an awful event that you don’t want to happen again.

    And that’s why I especially like the vigils that remind us the role that guns can play in preventing some of these awful attacks.

    And the fact that the Brady Bunch is getting their panties in a bunch over these gun-and-candle vigils only demonstrates how political their original vigil was.

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