Insanity defense

As I understand it a person charged with a crime can plead legal insanity if at the time of the crime they lacked the mental capacity to determine that what they were doing was illegal.

I keep wondering if the Joyce Foundation allows a plea of that type with the people who spend their money. Some of the things the anti-gun people have been saying and doing lately is just nuts.

Of course if the parallel to our legal system were to remain true they would still be required to spend time in a mental hospital and that isn’t going to happen. A more likely result is that once the Foundation money runs out they will get jobs in the ATF as gun experts.

1 thought on “Insanity defense

  1. Well having a body of opponents that are stupid, and/or mentally dysfunctional is an easy path to victory.

    Certainly good to see the pool of rational people who will shill for gun control drying up to almost zero. And those last few probably just never put any serious time looking at the numbers, and they’ll turn around.

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