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  1. The hole in the end of the barrel is too small. If he were a real conservative and gun rights advocate you’d see at least a .308 aperture and possibly something along the lines of .338. But, I’ll agree that any “terrorist view” of the muzzle is better than none.

  2. Awesome guy… he even linked to the Soldiers’ Angels Fundraiser and Giveaway on his Twitter stream (after I bugged him, granted, but he still did it!).

    I think, but am not sure, that shot is from an episode of Chuck, but something tells me he would get a literal and figurative kick out of Boomershoot. And if he does come, you have to let the “back channels” know…

  3. If I hear he’s coming, I’m DEFINITELY going to have to wear the duster, which is kind of a brown color coat, and my Serenity tee shirt. And I second Barron’s idea wholeheartedly.

  4. Ayup, the shot is from a Chuck episode from October.

    Too bad the show is ending (the two hour finale will be January 27th). At least they get the chance to end the show properly (this was planned as the last season, rather than being cancelled outright).

    It’s amazing how some actors tend to be involved in one great but unsuccessful TV show and movie after another.

    The only thing Baldwin has ever had a major role in that was a “big hit”, was as Animal Mother in “Full Metal Jacket” (he had minor roles in “ordinary people” and “Independence Day”, and was a recurring minor character in “the x-files”); but his career has been full of great performances and good or great movies and TV shows that never did much commercially (or were outright commercial flops).

    He did play lead roles in two “small” hits that became big cult hits on cable and home video, “My Bodyguard” (his first film, at 18) and “DC Cab”, both in the early ’80s (1980 and 1983 respectively, both around $20 million gross, which was pretty respectable for the time, and especially for the budgets of those movies).

    The last ten years have seen him in Firefly (less than a season, GREAT show, great role), Angel (GREAT show, 5 seasons for the whole show, on the edge of cancellation every season; he was only on it the last season, basically as part of Joss Whedons repertory company), Day Break (good show, only got through 6 episodes… miscast lead was the basic problem), and Chuck (great show, on the edge of cancellation every year, 3 full seasons, and 2 half seasons).

    That said, unlike most conservatives in Hollywood, he has worked consistently for over 30 years; and though he wasn’t particularly vocal until the last ten years about being a conservative, he also never hid it.

  5. Oh and if he does come, I may have to bring my dogs…

    Their names are Jayne, Zoe, and Wash… and yes, their coats are brown.

    Jayne is the big one. 130lbs of muscle, teeth, and looooooove (he’s a gigantic scary affectionate lapdog).

  6. I can’t help but think he’d be tickled at an invitation. I’ve sure enjoyed his Twitter stream – he’s certainly a far cry from the usual Hollyweird liberal.

  7. Don’t confuse an actor with the roles he plays. Does he attend gunnie events? If not, you are going to have to bribe him because he is not a gunnie — he only plays one in movies/tv. It doesn’t matter what he says (because he probably will say he is whatever to build up a fanbase). Only actions count.

    What are you planning to offer him? Money? Swag? What is in this for him? Meeting fans? Most actors aren’t that gung ho about meeting fans. A lot of them really hate it. You need to offer something more.

    Most of the people who make money in the entertainment industry (actors, singers, etc.) are serious people and the reason they are successful is that they treat success as a business opportunity. You’ve been warned.

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