Too Many Victims

The Brady Campaign, formerly known as Handgun Control, Inc., has created too many victims. We are now pushing them into the dustbin of history.

Today Barron and I with the help of daughter Kim and some members of the Lewiston Pistol Club made the following video as our response to the Brady Campaign’s pathetic attempt at relevance:

Update: An explanation of the stage design is important. The brown target in the distance represents a “bad guy”. The white targets represent innocent people. When scored only hits on the bad guy counted and hits on the innocent were heavily penalized. When the scores have been reported I’ll make anther post. I think I might have won this stage. I had a good time with five A-zone hits, one C-zone hit and no hits on the no-shoot targets.

The instructions to the shooter were:

Start position: Facing up-range holding a candle with both hands. Gun is in a concealed carry state.
Course of fire: Upon signal drop candle, turn, draw, and engage T1 with six rounds. Comstock scoring.

This stage design was to simulate the January 8th 2011 shooting in Tucson. It was this event which the Brady Campaign wanted to bring attention to. This was to stimulate political interest in more gun laws.

Credit for the stage design goes to Bob N. (shown in the video preview above).

19 thoughts on “Too Many Victims

  1. I saw one of those vigils the other day. It was pathetic. Barely anyone turned out. I also went by the range nearby my campus. It was packed.

  2. @Kevin, The range is a few miles southwest of Moscow Idaho. Directions are here. Kim’s part was recorded in our dining room in Moscow.

    @Weer’d, Check out the update at the bottom of the post.

  3. Was there any penalty for throwing the candle down range at the bad guy?

  4. Good Job!

    Way to go, y’all.

    Candles didn’t stop my sister from being stabbed to death in her own home by an intruder, nor did candles prevent her daughter from being strangled to death immediately afterward. My sister didn’t have a gun, so we’ll never know whether she might have been able to save her and her daughter’s lives.

  5. Man there are times when I wish I lived closer to Idaho, they seem to be more and more frequent lately. Next year can we steal this idea? Maybe we could video stages around the NW run at the same time. -Boyd (chief instructor at

  6. A candle could have stopped the violence if someone had stabbed the bad guy through the eye socket with it. But a Glock 17 would have been so much better.

    So where were the hits for all those shooters? Would have been cool to have a small frame in the corner of the video that showed -0 zone hits for each shooter…

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