The Brady Campaign asked that we light a candle today in memory of the victims. But candles don’t stop violence. Guns in the hands of intended victims do.

I note with a great deal of pleasure that Rep. Gabrielle Giffords attended a candlelight vigil today and apparently did it without mentioning gun control and even the media did not mention the Brady Campaign. That must have really stung them!

My contribution to today will be in a different post when Barron gets the video (coming soon he says) up on YouTube.

Here are some of the candles that were lit in opposition to the Brady Campaign:

From Ryan.

From Maura.

From Wendy.

From North.

From Dan.

Barron and Janelle have a bunch of pictures as well.

Kevin has his up.

Say Uncle is a bit cynical but participates.

Robb uses a gun that was used defensively.

Linoge has quite the collection of links as well as his own pictures and his thoughts on the topic.

Roberta says, “The good guys don’t start fights – but they can end them“.

Tam gives lip service.

Brigid does more than a picture. She gives us history and tells a story.Thirdpower lights a candle for #toomanyvictims.

And credit for the idea goes to Weerd.

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  1. Hey, I’m on vacation. I’m not sure I even have a cable to hook my camera to the computer, let alone a candle.

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