Quote of the day—Josh Sugarmann

The same industry that has given us armor-piercing `cop-killer’ bullets, plastic handguns, and assault weapons has now added caseless `phantom’ ammo to its litany of assaults on public safety. This is just the latest example of the failure of a system that allows a virtually unregulated industry to develop and market hazardous products without the pre-market scrutiny afforded almost all other products in America.

Josh Sugarmann
Violence Policy Center Executive Director
July 6, 1993
New Technology–Caseless “PHANTOM” Ammo–Could Devastate Police Investigations
[In what universe did almost all products receive “pre-market scrutiny” before being “allowed” to go on sale? Even as far back as 1993 Sugarmann lived in a different America than the rest of us.

The ‘cop-killer’ bullets did not and still don’t exist, the “plastic handguns” could and can be detected by airport metal detectors just fine, and “assault weapons” were and are used less frequently to kill people than fists or feet.

What I find somewhat surprising is that even after decades of being disconnected from reality Sugarmann and his organization still receive enough money to maintain their delusions.—Joe]

6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Josh Sugarmann

  1. Naw, Man; those cop killer bullets from an ordinary handgun will punch right through a heavy bulldozer blade with enough energy to kill someone on the other side. I saw it with my own eyes in the movie Lethal Weapon so you know it has to be true.

  2. To argue this stuff with idiots like Sugarman, you have to accept the notion that government should be in charge of deciding which products are allowed on the market and which ones aren’t.

    I reject that notion, so there’s nothing to argue about except liberty verses something else. That of course is where Republicans fail 100% of the time and why the Party needs to be either infiltrated and reformed, or defeated.

  3. How about letting the free and open market decide on a product like health care before we are told we have to vote it in to find out what is in the bill??

  4. Phantom Ammo? I have a Daisy-Heddon Vl caseless 22 from 1968. This is not new technology…

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