Light a candle with your gun

As widely reported the Brady Campaign will be lighting candles on Sunday as their meager effort to remain relevant.

The response of the gun world is to light a candle and show how you can prevent violence. Take a picture and post it on the net. If you don’t have a good net outlet for it send the picture to me ( or any one of many other gun rights activists offering to do the same.

I keep thinking I should create an image involving Boomerite, gasoline, a rifle, and a highly exothermic reaction instead of an ordinary candle. But I probably won’t have time for that and will have to settle for something much more mundane. Sunday I probably will be attending a USPSA match and I’ll try to get them to incorporate a candle into one of the stages.

And for people that will be in the Seattle area on Sunday it would be nice to have someone take a few pictures of the Washington Ceasefire turnout. Here are the details:

10:30 AM – 11:30 AM – Westlake Plaza, 501 Pine Street
(Downtown) Seattle, Washington 98101
Host: Washington Ceasefire
Note: Take the Union Street exit off I-5 in downtown Seattle and go straight for three blocks and north for one block to Fifth Avenue and Pine Street.

This turns out to be just across the street from where I work. I could view the event from a window in my office if I were in town. Since I won’t be in town I would really like to have information about their turnout from someone who will be here.

5 thoughts on “Light a candle with your gun

  1. I kind of like the idea of showing up at the CeaseCriticalThoughtProcess group’s gathering with my open-carried M329 and a tactical flashlight! Totally non-confrontational, of course. And just refuse to leave, despite how huffy and violent they get.

  2. Sorry, I will be at church, and I don’t go to Seattle very much, and I would get counted for a supporter if within sight and I am not a supporter of any stupidity that I can identify. But, thanks for asking.

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