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Don’t waste a second thinking I give a crap whether you show up at my house this holiday. If you would rather stay home stroking your phallic toy than enjoying the company of family, then knock yourself out. Show the world that you are just a self-centered, paranoid freak who goes through life either expecting or hoping for an opportunity to kill somebody. Get a life Ramboid.

November 24, 2011
Comment to Dear Amy, Should I Let My Holiday Guests Pack Heat?
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday!

It not just an astute observation, it’s Markley’s Law that the ignorant describe a specific enumerated right beyond their understanding in terms more familiar to their primitive social development.—Joe]


6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Jscottfur

  1. It seems a self-contradictory quote. This un-reformed Scrooge doesn’t give a crap whether other people show up, then accuses them of being self-centered.

    Anyway, it shows once again that this is not and has never been about crime and safety, but rather the anti rights movement is based on primitive, visceral hatred.

  2. What’s a “Ramboid”? Never heard that one before in reference to a person. Per the (Urban)dictionary it deals with foreign policy based on Rambo.

  3. The whole question is specious in the first place. Why not ask, “Dear Amy, should I let my guest bring a negro to my party?” or “Dear Amy, should I invite Jews to my holiday party?” or “Dear Amy, should I let my gay guest bring his partner to my party?”

    The whole thing is a troll anyhow. Why bother even playing?

  4. The reason that anti-gun fanatics always associate guns with sex is this: for them, gun control is a sexual strategy. In a gun-controlled state (whether a “state” like Red China or a “state” like New York State), alpha males–consisting solely of violent thugs, policemen, and men who are rich enough to afford private security–are completely dominant, and typically have two or three women each. Since these alpha males consist of perhaps 10% of the population, 90% of the males are competing on roughly even terms for 75% of the women. For the typical beta male, that is, the average working stiff who is not a coward but has neither the time to become a good fighter nor the money to hire others to fight for him, this is a very bad deal.

    However, for the perhaps 20% of males who are omega males–natural cowards–this is actually a good strategy. When no man can stand up to the thugs, the distinction between beta males and omega males is eliminated. For someone like “Jscottfur,” this means that his chance of being with a woman rises to 75 out of 90, whereas in an armed society, he’d have as much chance of getting laid as Joan Peterson has of being elected NRA president.

    Basically, the sexual aspect of a gun that scares Jscottfur isn’t that it’s a substitute penis. Rather, it’s a substitute fist. It reduces the difference between alpha and beta males, while exposing omega males like him as the cowards they are.

  5. I was just thinking that the linked article shows it’s bad idea to visit the home of someone who is so sex-obsessed as Jscottfur. What if he catches my wife or preteen daughter alone out of my sight for a moment? I’ll really need that pistol at his house!

  6. “What’s a ‘Ramboid’?”
    Southpaw; The antis never got over the movie Rambo. To them it depicts the quintessential gun owner in America. “Ramboid” then is a Rambo-like person, i.e. one who is eager for a shoot-’em-up firefight with an automatic rifle in each hand, a bare chest, a bandana, and a rebel yell. You get the picture.

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