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My message to our opponents is to give up. Gun control as as fantastical now as unicorns. Technology will just no longer allow it to work.

December 12, 2011
CNC Milled AR-15, The Test Firing
[Legally, politically, culturally, and now technologically, it’s game over for the anti-gun guys.—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Sebastian

  1. It has always been technically possible to build your own guns, and you certainly don’t need a CNC milling machine to build, say, a blowback SMG– just a lathe amd some skill with hand tools.

    The old Bridgeport J2 style milling machines our forefathers used will do a lot too, if you know how to handle them. Our guys here in Moscow still use one for small one-off jobs. Long rifles were built in small shops by hand during the American Revolutionary period, in addition to the arsenal builds.

    Never underestimate the insanity of the left. If it is the technology (milling stations in this case) that is perceived as making home-made “assault weapons” possible, well, just license milling stations as machineguns. There are several other “positive measures for public safety” that could be implemented. Nothing is too bat-shit crazy or too destructive to society for a communist. Never forget it.

  2. Robert Sherrill’s early 1970s book “The Saturday Night Special” has a lot of interesting detail about the astonishing variety and ingenuity of so-called “zip guns” confiscated from urban gangs.

  3. What Lyle said. There is real danger here that CNC machine tools could actually get outlawed, and 3-D printers along with them. The first efforts of the gun controllers to do that will be ludicrous, but the rabid liberal courts will back the process up. It could result in some spectacularly restrictive legislation being approved and “tested”.

    We can get ahead of this process by just curtailing these boasts about being able to manufacture SMGs, etc at home.

    If you have those “mad skillz”, just use them, don’t brag on them. Be careful who you teach them to. Don’t blog them, and especially don’t post video on You Tube. The gaggle of vids on oil-filter suppressors, for example, is GOING to result in some legislation/court rulings.

    Finally, don’t ever count the gun controllers down and out. They are cult fanatics, and they can’t be counted out until they assume room temperature.

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