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Poor dickless Gooper needs his power enhancer whereever he goes. I guess an essential of the Gooper lifestyle is hearing eggshells crunching as they strut around in their little master of the universe persona.

To such “timid, oppressed” souls, it’s a safeguard against being razzed about destroying America from a family librul. They pimp the 2nd Amendment to make us as dickless as they are.

November 24, 2011
Comment to Dear Amy, Should I Let My Holiday Guests Pack Heat?
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday!

Beyond this being a another example of Markley’s Law I can’t even make sense of this.—Joe]

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  1. What in the name of Rube Goldberg is a Gooper? What exactly does the metaphor “hearing eggshells crunching” mean? And what is it about leftists that makes them obsessed with the male genetalia?

  2. Markley’s Law: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Markley%27s%20Law

    That said, “concealed means concealed”. Should I run into this kind of question, my answer is likely to be fairly uninformative or along the lines of “Well, I’m not naked, and given the amazing number of things that can be used as a weapon, I suppose I’m armed”. If pushed, “I’m sorry, but unless you plan on assaulting me, I don’t plan on answering that question” is the right answer.

    If I’m with folks I actually *trust* not to be twits, the odds of open carry increase. I prefer a minimum of drama.

  3. “I guess an essential of the Gooper lifestyle is hearing eggshells crunching as they strut around in their little master of the universe persona.”

    Rauðbjorn; I used to be one of these idiots. Therefore I speak fluent Dipshit and can translate it for you. That sentence means we gun owners love the intimidation we instill in other people as we strut around with our guns as if no rules apply to us any longer, the guns we carry making us omnipotent masters of all the universe.

    “Walking on eggshells” is a common term in regular American vernacular. It means being on high alert so as not to offend someone (as if attempting to walk on the shells without breaking any of them). So when I with my sword Excalibur (Glock) strapped on, strut about like I own the place along with everyone in it, I get a thrill from the “eggshell-walk” that all those around me are forced to do, else I will shoot them. Just as it is impossible to walk on eggshell without breaking them, so too then is it impossible to avoid being shot if you’re around a gun owner for very long. It’s just a matter of time.

    Yes; everything the left “knows” about guns and gun owners comes from having watched TV and movies all their lives, thinking them a window into reality. You see a gun in a movie and you know for sure that someone is going to be shot.

  4. Thanks to everyone who contributed something towards decoding what HarpoSnarx wrote. But what does the second sentence mean? How can advocating that everyone be armed if he wishes be contorted into emasculation of everyone, and what does expressing that concept reveal about his attitude towards capable, confident women?

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