Quote of the day—Jane Fonda

I would think that if you understood what communism was, you would hope, you would pray on your knees that we would someday become communist.

Jane Fonda
August 2002

[In the 20th Century about 100 million people were killed, mostly by their own governments, trying to implement communism. So, tell me Ms. Fonda, are you volunteering your body to be thrown on the pile in the 21 Century?—Joe]

6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Jane Fonda

  1. Like she would know. Her visit to the People’s Paradise of Vietnam was 100% scripted, as is fitting for a Useful Idiot. Otherwise, she would be out picking rice in a paddy on 800 calories a day like the rest of the population. If not made to kneel in front of a mass grave and receive a bullet to the back of the neck, like most of her fellow educated burgouise actors of Vietnamese descent were.

  2. Jane (expletives deleted by author) Fonda is living proof that the human body can continue to function after the brain has been surgically removed. Too bad she did not become a victim of the violence that is always done by communists. I simply cannot tolerate those EVIL people who admire communism.

  3. But wait; whenever we’ve called someone with Fonda’s idology a communist we’ve been called crazy for doing so. Now she’s openly advocating communism by name. Are we still crazy for calling her and her ilk communists, or is it now OK?

    That reminds me of Dennis Preger’s definition of “pollitically incorrect”;
    “Truth which offends the left.”

    It makes me wonder though; why don’t communists want to be called communists? What is it about being correctly identified that they find offensive? You’d think they’d be pronouncing it proudly from the mouintaintops.

  4. While scrolling through the tv channels, I came across evidence of why Oprah’s OWN channel is apparently dying a slow death. After being one of the most influential people in the world, she now has shows like this:

    The Rosie Show
    Tribute to Jane Fonda

    Now THAT has to be a critical mass amount of evilness, stupidity, and ugly, all in one place. I’m surprised my TV survived. Thank GOD that I didn’t actually click on that channel while surfing. I would have thrown my beer through the screen. It would have been an uncontrollable defensive reflex.

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