Quote of the day—Conservative4Ever

I had to go talk to my guns just now to let them know If I let them walk that they will be responsible for the violence they cause.

Liberals kill me by their complete lack of logic and reasoning abilities. They are like children.

Hence my talking to guns like they were children.

December 9, 2011
Comment to Gunwalker goes “legal” … again
[He is insulting children. By the age of four my children had better reasoning abilities that some of the anti-gun people I’ve dealt with.—Joe]

1 thought on “Quote of the day—Conservative4Ever

  1. Take Heart! Once they are past the Age of 18, one is no longer Legally responsible for the actions of one’s Firearms. That’s why the ATF screwed up. If they were shipping CMP Garands to the Drug Cartels, Issa and Grassley would have nothing to do.

    Don’t laugh. There’s been a LOT of Dumber Ideas that have come out of this Administration that became Policy and Law.

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