Lion Hunt

The guys at the music store showed this to me.  It’s been up a while, and there are several others.  It’s not like hunting prey animals like deer, in that the deer rarely try, and even if they do they can’t kill you as easily as a lion can kill you.  I don’t know these guys, but someone had very good concentration and clear purpose for a bit;

That’s about as close as it gets I guess.  I didn’t know how to categorize it, so I put it under “Boomershoot” (aim small, miss small) though at Boomershoot we don’t aim at moving targets that are very capable, and determined, to kill us.  I have a very long hunting story I’ll bore you with later, which includes missing some very easy shots that I was, up until that point, convinced I could never miss.  The point being that missing an easy shot didn’t get me or anyone else killed, but only delayed getting meat on the table.


4 thoughts on “Lion Hunt

  1. Looks like the first shot hit the tree….I know I have done that before, just not under quite so serious circumstances

  2. The funny thing is that I have a friend from college who is about to “graduate” to dangerous game hunts. She’s been the Africa twice and done just about all of the plains game species that she’s interested in hunting. You’d never guess it if you saw her in her business suits at work. 🙂

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