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These people need to get laid. The persistent fears of some authority coming to take their guns (see: power, virility, agency) speaks to a rather deep seated insecurity of impotence and phallic malfunctio­n. I don’t mind someone owning a handgun for protection of property or self, but the stockpilin­g of assault rifles either means they’re borderline­, paranoid sociopaths or they’re desperatel­y overcompen­sating for some other shortcomin­gs…

December 2, 2011
Comment to Gun Ad Likens Obama To Hitler, Other Dictators.
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday!—Joe]

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  1. Since he seems fixated on our equipment (both male and firearms) I think that ContrarianbyDefault may have a case of assault rifle envy.
    Markley’s Law strikes again!

    The only thing I am compensating for with my firepower is a lack of youth and possibly the number of aggressors in a home invasion scenario.

    Exactly what is a stockpile? Is it two rifles, a thousand rounds? Why should he care?
    Meanwhile, he probably has a HUGE collection of hobby items, say Hello Kitty dolls…

  2. odd, a good love-making session often solidifies my desire to protect my wife from harm.

    Also given that we’ve currently tossed out our contraception, there may be another reason to be well armed and make sure the world stays as free as possible…

  3. It’s a fairly classic IAR (Ignore And Redirect) too. They know they can’t win on principles, so they have to make it about something else.

    It’s projection too– they’re obsessed with sex. Did anyone else see that survey a few years ago, saying that those who identify themselves as conservatives or right-leaning tended to have both more and more satisfying sex, compared to those who self identify as Progressives or left-leaning? A hungry man thinks more of food too, see.

    I’ll take some satisfaction in that ContrarianbyDefault acknowledges the right to armed self defense. That didn’t happen 20 years ago. Now someone needs to educate him on the applications and relative effectiveness of handguns verses long guns.

  4. I seem to recall that there’s some sort of pattern recognition technology that can tell if two scripts were written by the same person. Assuming that these Markley’s Law examples are not too short for positive ID, I would love to use such technology to find out how many supposedly separate anti-gun posters are really just the same five or six people.

  5. I hadnt really thought about number of firearms VS lack of “equipment” or lack of its functionality. I do not consider myself as having a stock pile of weapons. One of these, a couple of those, one for skeet, one for turkey. A couple of inheritance items. WOW, I’ve got a couple. Wife of 12 years or for that matter relations previous to marriage did not have complaints about functionality of other “equipment”.

    Why is it when people can not provide compelling facts or dissway a person or group of people from their beliefs they resort to name calling or other types of personal insults. IMO this only enforces the facts or beliefs while damaging any type of credibility they may have had ..

  6. Guns are fascinating things. When I get to the point where I can purchase lots of them, I will likely have a “stockpile”, aka a collection. If there ever arises a need where I would need to arm my neighbors, I’d also be in a position to do so. Just where’s the harm in this? And why would any of this have anything to do with my sexuality?

    I’m also fascinated by old computers and video game consoles, and will someday try to collect them. For that matter, I find slide rules and sextants fascinating; and I like purses, luggage, suits–anything that has lots of pockets and compartments for storing things, really. And I like walking through craft, office and hardware stores, imagining what I can do with everything I encounter. Does any of this really say anything, one way or the other, about my sexuality? All it says is that I have a diverse and probably somewhat weird set of interests.

    Oh, wait. I mentioned “sextant”. That has “sex” in it! I’m compensating for something!

    (Actually, a sextant compensates for my inability to find the angle between an object in the heavens and the horizon; so, yes, I am compensating for something, much in the same way that a gun compensates for my inability to use my puny body and lack of martial-arts training against that 250-lb thug who wishes to harm me, my wife, and my children.)

  7. OK, I will accept his premise that I need to get laid. I don’t think that any anti-gun hottie has ever offered to “cure” me of the evils of gun ownership by “taking one for the team” though.

    It’s a falsifiable position: Sex cures gun-ownership. I am a gun owner, I will happily participate in the experiment.

    This is where my wife will say, “You are participating already; in the control group.”

  8. @McThag: Gosh, I hope it’s not the placebo control group. That would be most unfortunate.

    I’ll ask my wife if I can participate in the “multiple exposure” and “crossover” cohorts (…that sounds kinky).

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