Is it still paranoia?

Fear of big government is near an all-time high (via a Tweet from Michelle Malkin):

A near-record level of Americans, 64 percent, say that “big government” is a bigger threat to the country than “big business” or “big labor,” according to a new poll.

While nearly two-thirds say big government is the major threat, 26 percent name big business, according to the Gallup survey conducted November 28 – December 1. Just 8 percent name big labor.

Since Gallup starting asking the question in 1965, Americans have typically named big government as the biggest threat; an all-time high of 65 percent named it as the biggest threat in 1999 and 2000.

If a large majority of the population think they really are out to get us can it still be considered paranoia?

5 thoughts on “Is it still paranoia?

  1. Now, if only all of the people who say big government is the biggest danger would stop voting for more of it every election . . .

  2. You don’t actually subscribe to Michelle Malkin, do you? She’s as in favor of big government as anyone.

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