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Guns are designed with one purpose only: to kill. Ending a life is the purpose of a gun. The argument that it’s preventative, that it’s the “well it’s either me or the guy coming through my door” mentality, or that guns create a safer society is just plain wrong. Guns are designed to kill. A specially designed piece of metal, slotted into another piece of metal and projected at incredible speeds at another person is designed to kill. There is no way to deny, refute, or get around this simple fact. So why are guns allowed? Why do we as a society accept these dangerous weapons into our community?

Christopher Merken
December 8, 2011
Another Virginia Tech Shooting, and What Should Be Done About It: It’s time to take a stand against gun violence
[Heavy sigh. Here we go again.

I’ve fired about 100,000 rounds through my guns without killing anything but two deer and a rattlesnake. By his logic my guns must have malfunctioned with nearly every shot.

He offers no studies to support his assertions. The best he can do is proof by vigorous assertion.

He asks, “Why are guns allowed?” as if that which government does not allow is forbidden. He apparently missed out on the high school government class where it was taught that government is only allowed certain enumerated powers and the people retain all other rights and powers. He has it exactly backward.

He’s got crap for brains.—Joe]

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  1. He also seems to be making the logical leap between “killing” and “bad.” He never offers a justification of his apparent belief that killing someone is always bad. I think that tells you all you need to know about him. He obviously believes that unless you have some sort of governement warrant, killing another person is always a bad thing. He doesn’t seem to care if you die in a deadly assault, so long as you abide by his belief that you don’t kill another person. You aren’t a government agent, so it is wrong for you to kill another person to save your or anyone elses life. He doensn’t seem too fussed if the cops show up and shoot the miscreant, but don’t you do it.

    When someone tells me that my gun is only good for killing people, I like to ask “But what if I NEED to kill someone?”

  2. Crap for brains in my world is a major asshat!

    I enjoy attempting to fire projectiles over 1000 yards to see if I can use the sciences involved to hit a standing target. I have never killed anything, unless this asshat considers paper a living thing?

  3. @Sean D Sorrentino

    This. We shouldn’t dance around the issue and let them conflate offensive and defensive violence, the latter being a good thing.

  4. Sean beat me to it. If you start off with that “Guns are made only to kill, and therefore they are bad” then you really need to look into getting rid of those pesky Justifiable Homicide laws first, because I indeed carry a gun because it is a powerful weapon. There are times where people and animals NEED killing, and I’d rather not be lacking when that time comes, because I’d rather fight with a gun than my bare hands, or my pocket knife.

    In the proper contexts there is NOTHING wrong with killing.

  5. But most people feel that something is illegal unless specifically made legal…not just guns.
    And if “The Government” doesn’t pay attention to the Constitution, why should the normal citizen?
    [“People are the government” is a different issue]

  6. Why do we as a society accept these dangerous weapons into our community?

    Because if you try to take them from me I will kill you.

  7. The author of the linked post is apparently a junior in high school. He wrote what he was thinking as he tried to make sense of a horrible event. He did not do a good job in his thinking, but he tried. That is a good start.

    I have to give major, major kudos to the kid for reading the rather critical comments and responding to a great many of them in a fairly thoughtful way. He strikes me as ignorant rather than stupid, and I bet if he takes the advice of several commenters and reads Heller v. DC or any other suggested sources of info he will end up not as ignorant.

  8. “Guns are designed with one purpose only: to kill . . .”
    Sounds like a pacifist to me.
    Sticking knives in people is bad.
    So let’s all go down to the hospital and demonstrate against surgeons.

    If he really is a High School Junior, there is still time, and if, God forbid, he actually has to see the elephant(and if he survives), I think he’ll get an instant epiphany about the important distinction between offensive and defensive violence, and the value of self defense and the justifiable homicide laws.

  9. Why is it okay for agents of the state to have items with only one purpose: to kill?

    Espeically, if he dismisses the idea of prevenative or defensive weapon use to “create a safer society”.

    Does he think that some killing is justified then? But only in the hands ot the State?

  10. “He apparently missed out on the high school government class where it was taught that government is only allowed certain enumerated powers and the people retain all other rights and powers.”

    This is not part of the curriculum anymore — the stance the author has is pretty much what they’re left with. Heck, back in the 70’s in Florida even my civics classes skirted around the whole concept of liberty and individual freedom. We spent as much time on how to fill out a 1040 as we did on the Constitution.

  11. @Quizzikle, If that is true then I am of the opinion “most people” should be deported to some country where that is true. I’d like to suggest North Korea.

    @Robert Slaughter, That wasn’t true for my kids (currently ages 23, 25, & 27) when they went to High School in Moscow Idaho. But then they all had Mr. Kaag for their government class (former Marine, big Heinlein fan, and Boomershoot attendee).

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