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I am sick and tired of you pussygunbo­ys crying about your gunpowder and calling everyone names. You can now carry your precious guns anywhere, and there has been NO ATTEMPTS to restrict gun ownership in over 50 years. Just go to your KKK meetings and shutthehel­lup.

December 2, 2011
Comment to Gun Ad Likens Obama To Hitler, Other Dictators.
[No attempts in over 50 years? So that would be since 1961.

lonewolfwisconsin must be from an alternate universe where the NRA aligned themselves with the KKK instead of the blacks defending themselves from the KKK. In that alternate universe none of the following gun restrictions and bans succeeded or thousands attempts occurred:

  • 1968: Gun Control Act
  • 1976: Washington D.C. bans handguns and all other firearms must be rendered inoperable.
  • 1981: Morton Grove Illinois bans the sale, transportation, and ownership of handguns.
  • 1982: Chicago bans new registration of handguns.
  • 1982: Evanston, Illinois bans handguns.
  • 1984: Oak Park Illinois bans handguns.
  • 1986: Sales of new machine guns banned nationwide.
  • 1989: Highland Park Illinois bans handguns.
  • 1989: California bans “assault weapons”.
  • 1991: New Jersey bans “assault weapons”.
    • 1991: New York City bans “assault weapons” and gun registration lists were used by police to go door-to-door to confiscate them.
    • 1992: Chicago bans “assault weapons”.
    • 1993: Connecticut bans “assault weapons”.
    • 1993: Brady Act.
    • 1994: Sales of new “Assault weapons” and magazines holding more than 10 rounds are banned nationwide.
    • 2000: New York state bans “assault weapons”.
    • 2004: Massachusetts (Mitt Romney, as governor, signed the bill into law) bans “assault weapons”.
    • 2005: New Orleans sends the police and the National Guard door to door to confiscate all firearms in the wake of hurricane Katrina.

    Either this is convincing proof that alternate universes exist or lonewolfwisconsin has crap for brains.

    I’m going with crap for brains unless lonewolfwisconsin can demonstrate they are a disoriented time traveler from sometime prior to about 1865 (I know there have been periodic gun control attempts since at least the end of the Civil War).—Joe]

    6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—lonewolfwisconsin

    1. Funny, I’ve never heard anyone every call a gun owner a “pussy” for owning guns outside of the internet. You’d almost think that VERYlonewolfwisconsin (judging by the rush to CCW permits there) was, in fact, too cowardly to voice his opinions outside of cyberspace. Just like all the other gun control weirdos.

    2. Sounds to me like you are doing the word “crap” an injustice when you suggest that lww has crap for brains… jist sayin’.

    3. Sounds like this moron occupies the same alternet universe as obama and holder. This is not name calling as he got bumped up many levels over what I really think he is,so moron is complimentary. The non-capitalization was intended neither one of them deserves any respect.

    4. And yet another point where the anti-rights cultists’ logic fails: on the one hand, we are supposedly high-strung, hair-trigger murderers just waiting for any and all excuses to “whip out our pieces” and go on a shooting rampage, but on the other hand, “gun control” extremists feel quite comfortable insulting and attacking us on a regular basis.

      If you firmly believed the former, you would not behave like the latter…

    5. I know that you have a very competitive field of candidates for quotes of the day, but what Linoge said ought to go into consideration. The thinking he accurately characterizes is the same thinking that equated Bush with Hitler, ascribing all sorts of reprehensible motives and actions to him and his supporters, but these same insulting people had no fear of voicing those beliefs in the very culture they equated with Nazi-controlled Europe. If they really believed that Bush was Hitler, they would keep their mouths shut in order to stay out of Mauthausen.

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