The wolves must die

Idaho is very serious about thinning the wolf packs to give the deer and elk populations a chance to recover:

An Idaho Department of Fish and Game official said Thursday the state will use aerial gunning and professional and government trappers to kill wolves in the Lolo Zone, even as public hunting and trapping seasons continue.

Dave Cadwallader, supervisor of the department’s Clearwater Region, said he wants a multipronged approach to wolf control in the difficult-to-access area where elk herds are hurting.

One of the comments particularly struck me:

Why are these so called environmental groups so anti-elk? Around this world there are more wolves just like the ones we have here than we have elk. Not only the elk but our moose population here is all but gone. These groups need to be held accountable for what they have caused and should have to pay for the costs it’s taking to correct this destruction.


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  1. Interesting that this came up today. I’m here in Seattle attending the regional NSTA (National Science Teachers Association) meetings. One of the sessions I attended this afternoon was a presentation by a representative of the International Wolf Center in Ely, MN. I had several issues with his presentation (I think my draft email has about 12 points in it so far)in particular was his insistence that the ‘data’ on elk would prove that wolves help the long term health of the herd. Boy I wish I’d had this article to ask him about, seems the ‘professional’s disagree. Although he did indicate at least to me after the session that the Fish and Wildlife agencies wanted to delist (and did delist wolves three times) but that environmentalists keep getting them listed again. I’m thinking I was the only Lone Wolf in the audience that didn’t agree with wolf reintroduction. Just for fun I wore my camo version of my RMEF hat as well. We discussed the issue that there seemed to be something out of the ordinary (didn’t quite use those terms when I brought it up)with the rapid spread of wolves after their reintroduction if they hadn’t spread south from Canada since their ‘extirpation’ (his term), some 60 years ago.

  2. ‘Round here we have “The Three-S Rule” —

    Might be better applied to the enviro-wackos rather than the wolves – but I digress…

    I’ve found it somewhat fruitful – and INCREDIBLY *FUN*! – to turn the tables on such morons.

    They like to protest our deer and more recently bear hunts as well. Rather than try to defeat them with logic, I use the same tactics THEY do:

    My opening salvo to them: “How can you be so CRUEL!!”
    “You’d rather see these poor animals overpopulate to the point they’re all STARVING! Have you ever SEEN an animal STARVE?!
    You people are SICK!”
    “Seriously – How can you be so CRUEL!!”

    Watch ’em stutter!

  3. Dedicated – I’ve tried that approach, and I often get the response of “yah, but it’s *natural,* so it must be better. And, we shouldn’t lower ourselves to being like animals.” They just don’t get it – they are so far removed from rational though that cognitive dissonance doesn’t show up because the are no logic circuits to conflict.

  4. You introduced a non-native species, banned hunting, and then F-d the eco-system.

    If they’re seriously starting aerial hunting, where do I sign up. I’ll cover the costs of ammo, hell I’ll even pay for fuel the state can keep the pelts.

    I get much the same reaction as Rolf, instead I just point out they’re killing off all the other native species. Why do you hate elk and deer so much? Why do you insist on driving them to extinction? Why do you want to protect a non-native species from destroying the environment?

  5. During the presentation yesterday the IWC presentered showed a map he claimed as the wolves natural range before the settelment of the area, went from Maine to half of CA, and made points that ‘his’ scientists believed that they were throughout CA only they didn’t have the records. One of the reasons my emotions tended to get the better of my rational thought processes during the presentation. They through out so many lies you can hardly keep up their refutation in your mind…well, my mind anyway.

  6. Can we just sedate and capture the wolves and then release ’em in DC, NYC, and Boston, instead? šŸ˜€

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