The quality I would expect

Someone apparently wrote a term paper on the Brady Campaign and is making it available to others.

The quality is about what I would expect for a Brady Campaign supporter:

The Brady Campaign is a very large organisation, and they are working to prevent gun violence through legislations. Ronald Weagan’s press secretary was a man called Jim Brady. Jim Brady was seriously wounded by a shoot during an assassination attempt on Ronald Weagan, who was the president of the United States at that time. After the harsh experience and the wounds mentally, Jim Brady and his wife Sarah Brady began to work for stricter gun control laws. In the 1993 the Brady law was passed. If you wanted to buy a handgun, you had to wait in a five-day period so there could be made a background check and a ban on the military-style, semi-automatic machine guns and the “assault weapons”. George Bush did not renew the ban of the “assault weapons” in 2004. The Brady Campaign argues that armed revolution and violence against the government is not necessary in a democracy.

The Second Amendment Myth and Meaning means that the American nation suffers from an epidemic of gun violence. They mean sensible national gun control laws are urgently needed to reduce this violence and killings. They mean the NRA’s constitutional theory is a calculated distortion of the text, history and judicial interpretation of the Second Amendment. They say it is time for the debate over gun violence to focus on the real issues, free from the NRA’s constitutional mythology and they say that the courts consistently have ruled that there is no constitutional right to own a gun for private purposes unrelated to the organized state militia.

The National Rifle Association and the Second Amendment is an organisation which promotes the Second Amendment right to carry and bear arms. The organisation has about 4 million members and defends the right to possess, buy and use firearms.

I would guess they are functioning at about a fifth grade level:

  • The Brady Campaign cannot be considered “very large”.
  • Organization is consistently misspelled.
  • It’s Reagan, not “Weagan”.
  • Grammar is extremely poor.
  • “Semi-automatic machine guns” is contradictory.
  • “Assault weapons” were not covered by the 1993 Brady Act.
  • Even though the term paper was uploaded today the Heller decision is unknown (or perhaps irrelevant in their world view) to them.
  • The Second Amendment is not an organization.
  • They state the NRA “defends the right” but yet claims the court interpretations of the Second Amendment does not recognize a right to keep and bear arms.

It’s possible they are mocking the Brady Campaign but my guess is they really are that dumb.


8 thoughts on “The quality I would expect

  1. I don’t know why but as I started reading it I had this urge to copy into word and then use track changes on it and correct it.

    There are two problems with that:
    1) It would be a total waste of time.
    2) Of the section you have posted, 75-80% of it would be changed.

    Why in the name of hell am I going to write an essay for this dumb ass!?

  2. Just reading the first couple of paragraphs was painful. If this an acceptable product from our school-age children, the Republic is indeed doomed. Pathetic.

  3. The spelling of organization is the European / British form: organisation. In addition, the transliteration of “R” into some Asian languages and then back leads to some interesting pronunciations. “Rea…” can become “Lea…” which leads me to believe that this was written by a person for whom English is a second language. I doubt that it was written by an American student.

    In any case, it has very little value for anyone wanting to argue for the reinstatement of the Bradey Bill. Finally, there’s the references to the American nation, vice the United States, which most citizens would refer to this country as.

  4. Dewitt may be right. I teach a lot of ELL students (English Language Learner) and this is about how they write. I could also see this being a hoax to try to embarrass the anti-gun crowd. So I’ll take it with a huge grain of salt.

  5. As an elementary teacher, this is unfortunately much about a fifth grade level. I’ll go with DeWitt’s theory.

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