Read the column the UK’s Daily Mail pulled for being too dangerous

Of course I knew it was possible. But I didn’t dare say it for fear of being wrong and embarrassed when some other explanation came to light. So I just stated the facts when a pro-gun story disappeared from the UK’s Daily Mail.

I did manage to contact the author who responded with a single URL. It is a link to the same story on a different website with the subtitle, “Read the column the UK’s Daily Mail pulled for being too dangerous”.

Not only was it possible; it was what happened. Some people in the UK are such wimps they can’t tolerate people even speaking about the exercise of their natural right to keep and bear arms.

Should they end up needing that which they don’t have it will be hard to give them much sympathy beyond nominating them for a collective (as they surely would have wanted it) Darwin Award.


5 thoughts on “Read the column the UK’s Daily Mail pulled for being too dangerous

  1. Let them dredge the weapons they need out of the English Channel-where they dumped them so many years ago.

  2. There is a remnant even in the UK who believe in their gun rights, so for their sake we should have pity. Most of my ancestors are from there or Scotland & practically every English gene seems to have come out in yours truly (I’ve never met another American who actually likes Marmite the way I do), but the antigun gene does not seem to be so strong in my family–even my relatives who are antis are pretty much ok with “other people” having/using guns, it’s just not something they do. And then there’s me. Then again, maybe that’s why we ended up over here…

  3. Joe,

    I am finding no comments on the gun blogs about the woman who used pepper spray (possibly in self defense) in the crowded Walmart on Black Friday. ???? No one has an opinion? What do you imagine this woman would have done if she had carried a gun instead of pepper spray for self defense?

  4. That’s quite a ridiculous stretch of reasoning, oobie, even for you. You honestly think she would start blazing away with a gun? All police carry guns, but they don’t shoot everyone who pisses them off; they use tasers and pepper spray (sometimes more than they should) many times rather than resorting to bullets.

  5. Yeah; as if no one understands the difference between pepper sauce and a gun. As if we’ll do exactly the same thing with either, depending on what happens to be in our hands at the moment.

    I’ve always said that the mind-set of the left is basically one big huge indictment of humanity – we’re too stupid and/or evil (most likely both) to make our own life decision, and so we need some other stupid/evil people in government to make our decisions for us, using threats of punishment for non compliance as though we’re all prison inmates and they the guards. ubu, once again, has made my point– that’s exactly what she’s telling us here.

    No, Little Grasshopper. As is often the case, it’s just the opposite. Carrying a gun instills a tremendous sense of responsibility and a desire, first, to avoid conflict, then to de-escalate it if it should be thrust upon us, and only as a last resort to use deadly force. But they don’t teach you that in public schools or universities, do they?

    That is because they want you to believe in, and focus on, the incompetence and stupidity of Man.

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