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For the people who insist on carrying weapons, driving oversized pickups and HumVees to the 7/11, and similar manifestations of psychological problems, it isn’t that they’re paranoid, although that may also be a problem. Their major problem is a real or imagined dysfunction in their capacity to procreate. They may have tried the various “enlarge your penis” advertisements on the internet and none of them gave results, so now they go with an artificial sexual apparatus enhancer.

Texas Aggie
November 24, 2011
Comment to Dear Amy, Should I Let My Holiday Guests Pack Heat?
[Ahhhh yes. It’s the kindergarten kids talking about penises and giggling.

When in the context of gun owners it’s known as Markley’s Law.—Joe]

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  1. It sure is funny how these pricks have a preoccupation with, well, pricks. As you said, kindergarten taunts, accompanied by massive giggling.

  2. Let’s see, Paranoid, White Men, Guns, Big trucks, small dicks. He skipped racists, fat, and woman-hating. Oh and if the person typing is from the North they talk about the evil slave-owning South. If they’re from the South its Texas/Alaska/Montana Separatist militia types.

    They’ve already chalked off their argument as a total loss, so they have to invent their straw man opposition right off the bat, so the reasonable people can be dismissed as “One of them”.

  3. Media Matters paid for the article to be written. What effect does anyone see from the paid propaganda of the anti-rights side, anymore? Now that opposing views are not able to be censored from media, these seem to me to have no other effect than to reinforce the beliefs of a shrinking group of people who insulate themselves from reality.

  4. I automatically translate comments like that into “stop liking what I don’t like!”

  5. I guess I just don’t fit their broad brush stroke, I drive a compact car and carry a compact pistol.

  6. I notice that one of the other commenters fantasizes about an “Occupy the NRA” event. My question is, what would be the NRA’s response to that at, presumably, the annual convention?

    I won’t be attending that convention, but I can tell you that if someone approached me or someone else menacingly, my response would be considerably more, well, proactive than that of the average banker.

    Then again, there’s a reason these vermin are posting their evil, perverted fantasies online. Being physical cowards, they would never dare say them in public, where they would quickly find out that non-gun violence can be quite effective.

  7. Funny. I am now re-reading “Friday.” I had just read the page in which Boss stated that the premier sign of a dying civilization is gratuitous rudeness, as seen in the comments to that post. I also note that comments there are only allowed from registered users.

  8. Justthisguy, I refuse to accept that the actions of a regressive and dying gun control group are indicative of the nation as a whole. I agree that their subculture is dying. The nation as a whole has rejected them.

  9. If I turned viewed every issue in terms of alcohol and drinking, you would conclude I had a drinking problem.
    When people view every issue, including civil rights, as giant threatening penises, I conclude they are obsessed with their rape fantasies.

    I don’t think banning guns is an interesting enough idea to hold together even a small movement, unless the guns were somehow sexual surrogates. Wacky fringe-group devoted to overturning a civil right? Implausible. Wacky fringe-group devoted to realizing their weird power-trip sexual fantasies? Plausible.

  10. I guess they haven’t heard yet that approximately 14 million women own guns and women are the fastest growing segment of the shooting sports. Maybe they can come up with some new taunts for the fairer sex.

  11. My wife and her female friends at church always remark at the photos from my last deployment that “thigh holders are sexy.”

  12. Apparently the anti gun left thinks guns and Hum Vees are sexy, yet they’re afraid of or cannot afford them and so they’re envious. That would be the most obvious conclusion, no?

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