My baby daughter in the icy water

Daughter Xenia says, “Because I live in Alaska now, I wanted to do an “Alaskan”-centric activity.” She decided to do a “polar plunge” for charity.

I told her I would pay her $100 to NOT jump in the water. I could hear her lip quiver over the telephone as she explained she really wanted to do this. I was also unable to get any traction with Barb on keeping my little girl out of the frigid water.

I have to admit that the image of her in my minds eye is a little out of date:


Since she is currently 23 years old I can’t just send her to her room until she has given the matter more thought and arrived at the same conclusion as her father. Why can’t she borrow my .300 Win Mag and shoot a moose (one walked through her yard a few weeks ago so she could do it from an open window) as her “Alaskan-centric activity”? But as a vegetarian this activity probably doesn’t interest her as much as it would her husband.

I still might be able to get her to wear a Boomershoot shirt when she jumps in.

You can donate here.


3 thoughts on “My baby daughter in the icy water

  1. Pointless pain, but harmless none-the-less for a healthy young lady such as Xenia.

    She’ll be finest kind…well except for being really friggin’ cold.

  2. Technically, it wasn’t moose season and we are in city limits so we wouldn’t be able to shoot it from our window.

    Thanks for the donation, Dad 🙂 Also thank you to Scott for his donation as well!

  3. Reminds of jumping in the nearly frozen swimming pool as a kid. Muscles would start to freeze up half the length.

    Then we’d hop out and jump in the hot tub. Felt like needles.

    Great fun!

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