Congress Debates Status of Tomato Sauce

Seen here.  I heard about it on one of the morning talk shows.  Sorry I don’t remember which.  Beck, Limbaugh or Medved – take your pick.

I said it when I heard Congress was legislating the rules of baseball years ago– this is final proof that we’ve gone far off the deep end of pathological insanity.  If the founders of this nation had heard Congress was involved in determining whether the tomato was a vegetable and no one had stepped in to haul them off and lock them in an asylum, they’d have shot somebody.  Maybe themselves, for they’d have realized that all their learning, inspiration, vision, struggle, suffering, perseverance, profound loss and eventual victory had been in vain.

Every last bit of it pissed out a window by vacuous, nasty little fools who to this day still think we look up to them and celebrate them.  It always comes as a shock to the tyrant when he finally gets his due at the hands of the people, as did Mussolini and his wife.  “Why, they don’t love me?  Surely this is some mistake.  I am the Father of The People.  I don’t understand.  No wait…”

ETA; Congress getting involved in the likes of baseball and vegetables is the very definition of totalitarianism— the doctrine that says nothing is outside the realm of politics, that everything is government’s business.  I used to pose the question to leftists; “What, if anything, do you believe is absolutely, positively, none of government’s business whatsoever?”  It’s a rhetorical question of course.  We know the answer, as evidenced above.  Now that it is settled– that we live in an ideologically totalitarian state, I pose another question.  What is the way out of this?


5 thoughts on “Congress Debates Status of Tomato Sauce

  1. We’ll get out the same way that Britain’s getting out of the EU…never. Until the collectivists drive the economy so far into the ground that the entire system fragments, and we return to some kind of locally-based feudalism.

    Did you see that the bureaucratic masters of the EU-niks have declared that drinking water won’t prevent dehydration?

    It’s the end-game phase of the totalitarian state. Directives and mandates that blatantly contradict reality.

    Ever see the movie, “Bananas”? At the point when Fearless Leader mandates that underwear must be changed five times a day…and that it must be worn on the outside, so that they can check. Here we are.

  2. I haven’t read much of our historical Congressional Record archives (actually, haven’t read any of them), but I’ll wager a guess that Congressmen back in the 1700’s and 1800’s could occasionally get caught up in some silliness too. Our beloved historical figures weren’t exempt from this either – we just tend to shine a benevolent light on them.

    Not that I condone the waste of taxpayer dollars on debating the number of angels that can dance on a pinhead, but it’s also probably not worthwhile to get too incensed over occasional human foibles. At least if their debating about vegetables, they aren’t doing real damage elsewhere.

  3. The Imperial Roman empire was a more peaceful place than the Republic by some measures, Roberta. Fewer civil wars especially compared to the last couple of decades of the Republic …

    Meanwhile, with respect to this faux controversy, Congress is reacting to the bureaucracy taking its ridiculous role (given to it by the same Congress) of specifying what is healthful lunch food for kids. Unfortunately, it helps not to specify a “healthy” lunch that no one eats so there is an argument that banning pizza was counterproductive if the kids reject the more “healthy” choice and eat candy bars instead.

    So this piece says a lot about the ridiculous state of our government and our news media.

  4. Honestly? The way out is to get power. Get elected mayor or sheriff, and ignore the law. Get elected as a state delegate or senator, and ignore state laws. Get elected to the US House of Representatives and you can stop paying taxes or filling out paperwork to buy guns. My understanding is that it works similarly if you get high up in the criminal underworld or the business world (but I repeat myself).

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