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Anyone else notice that on “Chopped”, or “Top Chef”, etc., it happens nearly every episode that someone fails or nearly fails a challenge because they can’t get their pan(s) hot enough?  They’re using top dollar gas ranges.  What’s up with that?  And I wonder why no one seems to notice after all these failures.  Do they have some federally mandated energy-saving analog to the NASCAR restricter plates on the gas controls?  Maybe it’s just a bad idea to use a stainless steel pan having a mirror finish on the bottom, what?  Maybe someone should do them a favor– go to Goodwill and get a used electric range from the 1970s for fifty bucks, and an old cast iron frying pan with matching saucepan, and donate them to one of the shows.  Seventy five bucks per cooking station, tops, and they’d never have this problem again.  That stuff works for me, anyway.


5 thoughts on “Help the Cooking Shows

  1. Friends don’t let friends cook on an electric range. Might as well take a shower in boxing gloves. Let ’em get a decent gas cooker.

  2. Well I have to agree with you there. I’m saying that my stinking electric range could do better than what they’re using is all. My backpacking stove could probably do as well. Gas is king– instant, infinitely variable heat, and the range I used to have could, if you wanted, produce more heat than you’d need to smelt copper, so what’s the deal? Maybe they’re tapping methane directly from a nearby dung heap as part of a federally subsidized green energy program, and the pressure’s kinda low.

  3. I know what your talking about. I have always used gas ranges and have neverhad a problem geting the pan hot. All the “competion” shows on cable or sattelite, whether cooking or gold mining, have to manufacture some sort of crisis.

  4. Had both, the wife is a hell of a good cook, I’m a halfway decent student. Electric ranges SUCK.

    I don’t watch TV, but I wonder if its “Reality” TV drama.

    Ever noticed that on the building shows like American Chopper or Sons of Guns, they always fuck up a part close to the “Deadline”?

    Ever notice when you go to the gunsmith or mechanic there’s never really any of this hard-deadline bullshit.

    I call drama. Nothing beats a quality pan on a gas flame.

  5. I’m with Weer’d Beard and Dean Carder on this. It’s all manufactured TV B#!! $%*+.
    I watched two American Chopper shows because the people I was staying at the condo with wanted to see it and my bedroom was too cold to retire to just yet, and I noticed that eleventh hour trauma-drama each time, where the old man said the young man wasn’t committed enough. Never watched one since.
    I also don’t watch the cooking channels contest shows for that reason.
    Now, Dotch cooking show is different, but that’s not on tv right now, afaik.

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