Some things I don’t want to know

I’m surprised the researchers were able to get answers they believed were correct:

Men who have sex with animals may have an increased risk of penile cancer, a study finds.

As for the kinds of animals the men had sex with, mares were the most common, followed by donkeys, mules, goats, chickens, calves, cows, dogs, sheep and pigs.

“Chickens”? I sort of wonder, “How?” But I don’t want anyone to tell me. There are some images which can’t be unseen even if they were only in your imagination.

Although it does remind me of the difference between “kinky” and “perverted”. “Kinky” is when you use a feather. “Perverted” is when you use the whole bird.


10 thoughts on “Some things I don’t want to know

  1. Yeah, that chicken thing is pretty bee-zare.

    Why did the pervert dross the road?
    Because he couldn’t get his d*ck out of the chicken…..

  2. Shipped out with an old Portuguese guy. Didn’t speak English, but a younger shipmate translated a story that his neighbors back in the old country had chickens. He’d hop the fence at night, have sex with the chickens, and the next morning when the neighbor threw out the dead chickens (I guess it was a fatal attraction) he’d fish the chickens out of the garbage pile and cook them.

    The guy was LAUGHING and LAUGHING!


  3. Eh, you gotta bring more than this to shock me. Women in this country smear “anti-wrinkle cream” on their faces that’s made from the “discards” of the genital mutilation of innocent little boys.

    Men having sex with animals kind of pales next to that type of industrialized human harvesting of the erogenous tissue of innocent children. I mean, that’s Nazi skin-lampshade stuff, except for how it’s being done right out in the open as a normal everyday part of the normal everyday economy of our normal everyday society.

    Sex with animals just doesn’t even come close on the outrage scale to the mass industrialized harvesting of flesh from innocent baby boys done to service the vanity of greedy old women.

  4. @BobG, Unless they were stuffing the cigarette up their urethra it probably was, as speculated by the researchers, the strange chemicals and hormones in the animals.

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