Protestors—but just barely

The headlines say, “Local gun show brings out protesters” and “Protesters fired up about Yakima gun show”. Technically they are correct–but just barely. As near as I could determine there were only three protestors who showed up. They were probably outnumbered 50:1 by the tables at the gun show.

Anti-gun people are members of a dying cult.


5 thoughts on “Protestors—but just barely

  1. Is it just me, or does anybody else find it interesting that MSNBC doesn’t allow for commenting of that Story? Is it that comments by parties that actually know the circumstances behind the “Story” would interfere with what MSNBC wants the Public to “Know”?

  2. It’s all part of “Reasoned Discourse”. They can’t have a meaningful chance at a propaganda victory if other people are allowed to have a say.

  3. So they’re protesting a gun show because they don’t like the fact that personal firearm sales are allowed without a background check? As if stopping gun shows would stop personal sales of firearms?

    For their next trick, they’re going to solve all traffic jams by getting rid of freeways!

  4. When your fundamental premise is insane, nothing that follows from it is going to be good.

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